Connect Application: The Tour

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Connect TourThe Connect Application contains a tour designed for new users. It contains a short series of seven slides to help you familiarize yourself with:

  • How to get started with the application.
  • Accessing the different task types and categories.
  • The progress of your configuration and the status of each task.
  • External tasks to be configured outside of Mimecast.
  • Skippable tasks you can return to later.
  • Tasks that require validation by Mimecast.
  • Viewing a summary of your progress to date.


The tour is displayed in a popup window after you log in and confirm your account details are correct. Click on the Next button of the Connect Tour popup to start the slides. Alternatively, access the tour at any time from your Account Profile as detailed below. You can exit the tour on any slide by clicking the X link, though we recommend spending a few moments familiarizing yourself with it.


Viewing the Connect Application Tour


Connect TourTo view the Connect Tour:

  1. Click on your Account Profile in the top right hand corner of the interface. A drop down menu is displayed.
  2. Click on the Connect Tour menu item. The tour displays as a popup box.
  3.  Move through the slides by clicking either the:
    • Next button to move forward one slide.
    • Back button to move back one slide.
  4. Close the tour by clicking either the:
    • Finish button on the last slide.
    • X link in the top right hand corner of any slide.