Disclaimer Assignment Policies

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A Disclaimer Assignment policy determines if and when to apply a text disclaimer to a message. It does this through use of a Stationery Layout. The policy does not have the editing capabilities of the rich Stationery module (e.g. images, micro sites, click actions, attributes, etc.). In fact you only have access to create a Disclaimer Assignment policy if you have not purchased the Stationery module.

A maximum of five Disclaimer Assignment policies can be created.

What You'll Need


  • An Administrator Console logon with access to the Administration | Gateway | Policies menu item.
  • A previously configured Stationery Layout definition.


Creating a Policy


To create a policy, follow the instructions in the Creating / Changing a Stationery Layout page, but using the following options:


Policy NarrativeProvide a description for the policy to allow you to easily identify it in the future.
Select Stationery

Use the Lookup button to select the required Stationery Layout definition.


Definition Required?