Raising a Mimecast Support Case

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Our 24 hour seven days a week Help Desk, is staffed by highly skilled email management engineers. As one of our customers, you automatically benefit from unlimited access to Mimecaster Central (which includes the Knowledge Base), and free email support during standard business hours. If you have greater support needs, we can help with one of the following enhanced support options:


Support ContractEmail Support

Telephone Support

(Business Hours Only)

24 Hour Telephone SupportNamed Technical Account Manager


Audit and Review

Bi-Annual Service Capability Update

New Feature Presentation

Mimecast Email Support
Mimecast Business Support
Mimecast Priority Support
Mimecast Platinum Support


Raising a Support Case via Email


To raise a support case via email:

  1. Send an email to support@mimecast.com. (Offshore clients should use support@foreshore.net).
  2. Add your Mimecast Account Code (if known) to the subject line, together with a description.
  3. Include your Company Name in the body of your email.
  4. Give a brief summary of the issue / reason for the case.
  5. Include any screenshots of the problem as applicable.


For email tracking cases, include the following information: From / To / Date / Time / Subject of the email.


Raising a Support Case via Phone


Mimecast ID


Before raising a support case by phone, you must have a Mimecast ID. You'll be asked to provide this before being connected to a support engineer. You can find this in your account profile, available in the Administration Console or Connect Application. See the Account & Support Details section of the Administration Console User Interface page for full details.


The Mimecast ID can be either:

  • Your Mimecast ID.
  • The Mimecast ID of the customer account for which you are raising a support case (Partners and Managed Service Providers only).
Entering your Mimecast ID is not currently mandatory. You'll still be connected to a support engineer, but if you don't provide this information, your call will be prioritized behind those customers that have. See our recent Support Details Page & Telephone System Improvements Service Release for full details. We also recommend you follow the Service Updates section of Mimecaster Central to be kept informed of this and other changes.



Before raising a support case by phone, have the following additional information ready:

  • Whether your issue is related to a P1 critical mail flow issue. See the Raising a Priority 1 Support Case section below.
  • The case reference number, if the call is regarding an existing case.




To raise a support case via the phone:

  1. If your support contract allows you access to telephone support, call the support desk on the regional number shown below:

    RegionTelephone Number
    United Kingdom+44 (0) 20 7847 8701
    North America+1 800 660 1194
    South Africa+27 0861 114 063

    1300 302 953 or

    +61 3 9017 5101

    New Zealand

    +64 9 8010787


    +65 3 1583357

    Offshore+44 (0) 1534 752 300


Raising a Support Case via the Website


To raise a support case via the website:

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Complete the Get Support section as required.
    The "Issue Details" field is character limited.
  3. A case reference is emailed to you with the details.
  4. Reply with any additional information.


Raising a Priority 1 Support Case


In the unlikely event you need to raise a priority 1 support case, ensure you follow the guidance below. We will respond to priority 1 support cases made by one of your designated contacts on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year basis.


Priority 1 support cases must be:

  • Logged for an email or service outage that results in a total loss or significant impairment of your Mimecast services. In this scenario, your organization would not be able to send or receive email, or may not have access to the Mimecast applications.
  • Raised by telephone.


All other support requests will be dealt with in accordance with the level of support purchased.

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