Secure Messaging - Lite Definitions

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See the Configuring Secure Message Definitions and Policies page for full details of creating / changing a Secure Messaging definition.

Users of Secure Messaging - Lite cannot create their own definitions. Instead Mimecast has supplied two definitions, that can be listed in the Administration Console. These cannot be changed. They are called:

  • All: This is a legacy from CCM needed for consistency with CCM. This means that Secure Messaging should be applied to messages for all recipients.
  • External: This offers the same behavior as Secure Messaging, where Secure Messaging is only applied to external recipients.


The definitions have the following attributes:


Allow External Recipients to PrintFalse
Allow External Recipients to ReplyTrue
Allow External Recipients to Reply AllTrue
Expire Secure Messages for External Recipients AfterNever Expire
Send Read ReceiptNo


The tables below show the behavior when Secure Messaging–Lite messages are sent from applications using either of the two definitions.

In the tables:

  • "Notification" means an email notification is received indicating there is a message ready to be read from the Secure Messaging Portal.
  • "Email with banner" means a banner message is displayed at the top the email, indicating it was sent as a Secure Message.

Internal User Sending Messages to External Users


Internal Users ApplicationRouting Definition

External Recipients Application

Mail BoxMPPMessage in SM Portal
All applications (e.g. Mimecast  for Outlook / Mimecast for Mac / Mimecast Personal Portal)All or ExternalNotification


External Users Replying to a Secure Message


External Users ApplicationRouting DefinitionInternal Recipients Application
Mail BoxMPPMessage in SM Portal
Secure Messaging PortalAllNotification
ExternalEmail with banner


Secure Messages Sent Between Internal Users


Internal Users Sending Secure MessagesInternal Recipient's Application
ApplicationRouting DefinitionMail BoxMPPMessage in SM Portal
Microsoft OfficeAllEmail with bannerEmail with bannerNo
ExternalEmail with bannerEmail with bannerNo
Mimecast Personal PortalAllNotificationNotification Yes
ExternalEmail with bannerEmail with bannerYes
Secure Messaging PortalReply using the All definitionNotificationNotification Yes
Reply using the All definitionEmail with bannerEmail with bannerYes