Configuring the Resetting of Cloud Passwords

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You can provide end users with the ability to set or reset their Mimecast cloud password via the Mimecast Personal Portal or one of the end user applications (e.g. Mimecast for Outlook). Once reset, the new password can be used on all Mimecast applications.


The workflow involves the user:

  1. Requesting a cloud password reset.
  2. Receiving a one time, time limited authentication code.
  3. Entering the code into the Mimecast Personal Portal or end user application log on dialog.
  4. Entering a new cloud password.


There are two options that control whether an end user can reset their cloud password:

  • An Authentication Profile contains a Password Reset Options option. This must be set to the method you want your users to use to reset their cloud passwords:
    Not AllowedThis option prevents end users from changing their cloud pasword. If they attempt to do so, a notification is displayed informing them to contact their administrator.
    EmailSelect one of these option to denote the method (or methods) an end user can use to reset their cloud password.
    Email or SMS
  • A Continuity Event contains an Allow Cloud Password Reset option, which overrides the Authentication Profile option. This also must be set to the method you want your users to use to reset their cloud passwords.


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