MSP Portal: Managing Prospects

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If you have potential customers for whom you haven't created a Mimecast order, you can create a placeholder for them in the portal. This allows you to add information about them, as well as the Mimecast products they are interested in purchasing. Once the placeholder is created, you can add an order at anytime.


Listing Your Prospects


To list your prospects:

  1. Click on the Menu toolbar icon toolbar icon.
  2. Click the Prospects | Prospect List menu item. Your prospects are displayed.


Searching for a Prospect


Searching for a ProspectTo  search for a specific prospect:

  1. Type part or all of a prospect's name in the Search Prospects box.
  2. Click the Go button. The results are listed.
    Use the alphabetical links above the list of results to filter the results further.

You can sort all columns in the list of prospects. Click on the column header to sort alphabetically from A to Z. Click the column header again to sort alphabetically from Z to A.


Creating a Prospect


To create a prospect:

  1. Click on the Menu toolbar icon toolbar icon.
  2. Click the Prospects | Create Prospect menu item. The Create Prospect dialog is displayed.
    Alternatively click the Create Prospect button from the Prospects List dialog.
  3. Complete the Primary Information section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Company TypeSelect a value from the drop down list to categorize the company.
    Company NameSpecify the prospect's full name.
    Do not use abbreviations as this will cause issues.
     DomainSpecify the prospect's domain name, and click the Verify button to check it.
    WebsiteSpecify the prospect's website URL.
    SectorSelect a value from the drop down list to categorize the prospect's business area.
    Implementation Lead *Select the name of the main implementation contact from the drop down list.
    Secondary Implementation Contact *Optionally, select the name of a secondary implementation contact from the drop down list.
    If the contact you require for the "Implementation Lead" or "Secondary Implementation Contact" fields are not listed in the drop down, ensure they've been created as users with the "MSP Implementation Lead" option set. Read theMSP Portal: Managing Users page for further details.
  4. Complete the Other Information section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Expected Provision DateClick on the calendar icon to the right of the field to select an expected date that the prospect becomes a customer.
    Permitted UsersSpecify the number of users expected to be using Mimecast.
    ProductSelect the Mimecast products that the prospect is expected to purchase. Some of the options (e.g. Mimecast for Mac) require you to specify the number of seats required.
  5. Either click the:
    • Save Prospect and Exit button to save the prospect without creating an order.
    • Review Order button to save the prospect and creating an order at the same time.


Creating Multiple Prospects


You can import multiple prospects from a comma separated (.CSV) file. We provide a spreadsheet template to use when creating a CSV file to import (see step 3 below). Whilst it is not mandatory to use this template, we recommend you use it to ensure the imported file meets our requirements.


To create multiple prospects:

  1. Click on the Menu toolbar icon toolbar icon.
  2. Click on the Prospects | Upload Prospects menu item. The Mimecast Prospects Upload dialog is displayed.
  3. Click on the Download Link to download an .XLS template file.
  4. Add the necessary data to the file.
  5. Save the template as a Comma Separated (.CSV) File.
  6. Click on the Choose File button.
  7. Select the saved Comma Separated (.CSV) File.
  8. Click the Open button. The selected file name is displayed next to the "Choose File" button.
  9. Click the Submit button. The import starts, and once complete, the Prospect List is displayed.
    Do not click this button more than once, as this can result in duplicate data being imported.

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