MSP Portal: Managing Your Partner Details

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You can manage your partner account from the portal, although what you can perform is dependent on your role.


Displaying Your Account Details


To display your partner account details:

  1. Click on your Account Information toolbar icon. A drop down menu is displayed.
  2. Click on the Partner Details menu item. The Partner Details dialog are displayed which has the following sections:
    • Details: Displays your account details, including contact information and billing contact. 
    • Status: Displays your partner status (e.g. Technical or Sales).
    • Address: Display your address information.
    • Products and Prices: Displays your agreed pricing.


Configuring Your Account Details

Access to this functionality is only available to MSP Administrators.

Partner ConfigurationThe information you provide here will prepopulate into all customer RFIs.


To configure your partner account:

  1. Click on your Account Information toolbar icon. A drop down menu is displayed.
  2. Click on the Partner Config menu item. The Partner Configuration dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter your Outbound IP Addresses and / or Inbound IP Addresses:
    1. Enter the IP Address in the field.
    2. Click the Add button. The IP address is displayed to the right of the field.
      To delete an outbound and inbound IP address, click the Delete icon icon to the right of the IP address.
  4. Enter your Smarthost:
    1. Enter the Smarthost in the field.
    2. Click the Change button.
The displayed values can be changed later after the MSP Portal: Request for Information (RFI) Form has been completed.

Administrator Roles


To configure single sign on access to a customer's Administration Console, you'll need to delegate access to their account. This is achieved by adding an external administrator in the customer's Administration Console.

The following steps must be repeated for each customer, and Managed Service Provider administrator. Existing partner administrators can single sign on (SSO) to the customer's Administration Console, and add further partner administrators using the "Manage External Admin" functionality (see below).

To add an external administrator to a customer's account:

  1. Log in to the customer's Administration Console using the account details provided when the account was created (e.g.
  2. Click on the Administration | Account | Roles menu item. The Account Roles tab is displayed.
  3. Click on the Manage External Administrators button. A list of existing external administrators is displayed.

  4. Click the Add External Admin button.

  5. Complete the External Admin Permissions section as follows:

    Header 1Header 2
    External Admin Email AddressSpecify the email address of the user you want to use to login to the Managed Service Provider portal.
    Select RoleSpecify the appropriate role for the user.
  6. Click the Save and Exit button.
  7. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 if additional administrators are required on the customer's account.
These steps must be repeated for each client, and for each MSP Administrator.

Mimecast Academy


Registered users can single sign on to the Mimecast Academy. This provides access to a wide range of training materials, including a summary of any assigned courses and the progress to date.

This functionality is only available to Managed Service Providers administrators.

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