MSP Portal: Creating an Order

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Once you've created a prospect, an order can be created and submitted for them at any time. The process of submitting an order, changes the prospect's status to a Customer. You can create an order, but not submit it. This has the effect of saving the order until such time you are ready to submit it. The prospect's status is not changed to a customer in this instance.


To create an order:

  1. Click on the Menu toolbar icon toolbar icon.
  2. Click on the Prospects | Prospect List menu item.
  3. Click the Provision button to the right of the prospect. The Prospect's Details dialog is displayed.
  4. Review the page, making any changes as required.
  5. Click the Review Order button. An online order form is displayed.
  6. The Managed Service Providers Agreement section is automatically populated with the following information:

    Field / OptionDescription
    MSPDisplays your Managed Service Provider name.
    Company NameThis information is automatically populated using the data entered in the Prospect's dialog.
    Permitted Users
    Total Monthly FeesThe fee amounts are automatically calculated using your contracted prices.
    Total Annual Fees
    Total One Time (Up Front) Fees
    Total Initial Fees
  7. Complete the Infrastructure Information section as required.

    Field / OptionDescription
    Mail ServerSelect the customer's mail server from the drop down list.
    Archive SolutionSelect the customer's archive solution from the drop down list.
    Security MSPSelect your firewall solution from the drop down list.
    Security On-PremiseSelect the customer's firewall solution from the drop down list.
    ContinuitySelect the customer's continuity method from the drop down list.
    Citrix / Terminal ServerSelect this option if the customer is using a Citrix or Terminal server.
    Server OSSelect the operating system of the customer's mail server from the drop down list.
    Server OS EditionSelect the operating system edition of the customer's mail server from the drop down list.
    AD EnvironmentSelect the customer's Active Directory environment from the drop down list.
    2 Factor AuthenticationSelect the customer's method of two factor authentication from the drop down list.
    If you don’t know any of these, select the Not Known or Other option.
  8. Complete the Order Details section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Order NumberIf required, specify a purchase order number.
    Order Number Not RequiredIf you don't use purchase orders, select this option to make the a value in the "Order Number" field unnecessary.
  9. Select the Tick Box confirming the order is governed by the MSA already in effect with Mimecast.
  10. Select the Tick Box confirming you are authorized to place such an order.
  11. Either click the:
    1. Submit Order button to submit the order.
    2. Save Prospect and Exit button save the changes to the prospect, but not submit an order.


Order EmailsOnce you have submitted an order, two automated emails are issued:

  • The first email is sent to the MSP submitting the order, and contains a copy of the order addendum. A copy of the addendum is also stored in the Attachments area of the Customer Details page.
  • The second email is sent to the customer's Implementation Lead, and contains a link to the online Request for Information form. The customer record can be accessed immediately from the In Progress menu item.


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