MSP Portal: Request for Information (RFI) Form

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Once an order is submitted, an automated email containing a link to the  Request for Information (RFI) form is sent to the customer's Implementation Lead. The RFI form is required in order to configure the customer's Mimecast account. Once the information is submitted, we have sufficient information to start configuring the customer's account.


To access and complete the RFI form:

  1. Click on the Menu Icon toolbar icon.
  2. Click on the Customers / In Progress menu item.
  3. Click on the RFI Incomplete icon icon in the RFI column of the customer's record. The Request for Information dialog is displayed.
  4. Click the Link in the dialog to display the RFI form.
  5. The Contact Details section is automatically populated from the customer's record and cannot be changed.
  6. Specify the Emergency Contact Details that will be contacted in case of issues. This should be a technical member of staff.
  7. Specify a Partner Administrator Email for managing the customer account via the MSP Portal. This is only available for the following Exchange types:
      • Hosted Exchange
      • Office 365
      • On-Premises
      • G Suite
    We strongly recommend the use of unique email address logons for all administrators as a part of our security best practice.
  8. Complete the IP Address and Domain Information section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Outbound IP Addresses *Specify the IP addresses that Mimecast will have to accept email from (i.e. the internet facing IP addresses of the customer's email server).
    Inbound IP Addresses *Specify the IP addresses that Mimecast will have to deliver email to (i.e. the internet facing IP addresses of the customer's email server).
    Email Domain Names *Specify all the domains names that the customer controls, that must be configured to route email through Mimecast.
    Additional IP Addresses *Specify any other IP addresses used by the customer's domain (e.g. third party bulk email services).
    Forward Email Addresses *List any email addresses to which the customer's email server forwards messages. Messages received from authorized IP addresses that are forwarded to an external domain, are blocked by Mimecast to avoid unwanted relay services. Adding those addresses here, overrides this default behavior.
    Outbound IP AddressSpecify whether the customer's outbound IP addresses are unique to that customer, or used as part of a shared / hosted email environment.
    Inbound Smart HostSpecify the inbound smart host, if the customer's smart host is using a dynamic IP address.
    Recipient ValidationSpecify the customer's recipient validation method from the drop down list. This is required by Mimecast to knows which email addresses must be accepted for inbound email.

    *   To add values to these fields, enter the value in the field and click the Add button. The added values are displayed to the right of the field. Click the delete icon icon to delete an existing value.

  9. Click the Submit Details button.


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