Mimecast SMS Services

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Depending on your Mimecast subscription, you may have access to Mimecast SMS Services. Short Message Service (SMS) text features available to mobile cell phones provide useful functionality during a Continuity event.




Mimecast provides the following customer benefits through SMS:

  • SMS Continuity Notifications:
    • Keep users informed at the start and end of planned and unplanned email outages.
    • Advise users which Mimecast apps to use during a continuity event in order to maintain productivity.
    • Reduce helpdesk calls as a result of lack of communication.
  • Cloud Password Reset:
    • Allow users to set or create a new cloud password without administrator intervention for when Directory services are unavailable.
    • Reduce helpdesk calls from end users requesting a password reset.
    • Control when users are able to use Cloud password reset.


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