Mimecast for Outlook: Requesting Large File Attachments

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You can request a message recipient to send attachments safely and securely via Large File Receive. 




  • A message recipient doesn't need to be a Mimecast for Outlook or even a Mimecast user. They'll receive instructions in the message to upload the files to the Large File Send portal.
  • Increased file security can be added by getting recipients to request an access key to access the Large File Receive portal. The key is emailed to the recipient's email address and must be entered to access the portal


Requesting an Attachment


Request Large FilesTo request a large file to be sent:

  1. Click on New Email to create a message as normal.
  2. Click on the Mimecast ribbon.
  3. Click on the Request Large Files icon.
  4. Enter the recipient's email address and add a subject.
  5. Click on the Send button. The Large File Receive dialog displays.
  6.  Attachment RequestComplete the dialog as required:
    • Expire Access to Files After - All requests to share large files are subject to a time limit. Specify a value from the drop down list to specify the time frame recipients have to access the requested file. Once that period has passed, recipients are unable to access the file. 
    • Use an Access Key for Additional File Security - If selected, recipients require an access key to upload the requested file. Instructions for requesting the access key is included in the message the recipient receives.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Click the Send button. This:
    • Sends an email to your inbox confirming that the Large File Send invitation message has been sent to the recipient.
    • Sends the recipient an email containing an attachment. Once opened, the attachment contains complete instructions on how to send the Large File Send attachment as requested:

LFS Invitation


Uploading an Attachment


Large File Send PortalIf you have been requested to upload a file using Large File Send:

  1. Open the message you'll receive from the sender.
  2. Open the Mimecast Large File Send Instructions attachment.
  3. Click on the Upload Files link in the attachment. The Large File Send portal is opened in your browser.
  4. If the sender has requested you get an access key, click the Get Access Key button. An access key is emailed to your email address.
    If an access key was not requested, proceed to step 6.
  5. Copy and paste the access key into the Enter Access Key field.
  6. Click the Log In button.
  7. Click the Add Files button to select the files to attach.
  8. Select the required files, and click the Open button.
  9. Optionally, add a message in the Add Message section.
  10. Click the Send button. A message is displayed in the portal when the message has been sent, and the portal can be closed.


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