Connect Application: Frequently Asked Questions

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The connect application is not aware of configurations made directly inside the Administration Console. All initial configuration should be via the application, unless the default policies need altering.

General Questions


What is the Connect application?


The Connect application delivers an intuitive, wizard driven online workflow, for partners and customers connecting their infrastructure to Mimecast. This self paced tool integrates Mimecast knowledge base content to provide additional information and help during the process if needed.


See the The Connect Application Overview page for further details.


How do I access the Connect application?


You can access the Connect application via the dedicated URL found on the email received after the account was created. Once you've started the implementation, you can also access the application via the Application Switcher in the Administration Console.


See the Accessing the Connect Application page for further details.


Will all customers be directed to the application when connecting to Mimecast?


The application replaces the existing Connect process for all customers setting up Mimecast for their Office 365, Exchange On-Premises or Hosted Exchange email environments. For those with other email platforms (e.g. Hybrid, Google G Suite, Lotus) the existing email driven Connect process will still be used. The intention is to add additional platform support to the application in time.


Which Mimecast services does the application apply to?


The application supports the setup for Mimecast security and archiving services. It ensures configuration requirements are completed in an organized and secure manner, and that default policies are set up according to best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We'll only offer guidance relevant to your package / subscription.


I am using the email driven Connect process, can I switch to the app?


No. If you've been provided with the email driven Connect steps, you'll not be able to use the Connect application. Continue using the Administration Console for your implementation.


Can I also use the Administration Console for my implementation?


Some tasks must be performed in the Connect application. This is because your account will have been created without any internal directories or delivery routing configuration. These tasks are:

  • Validating your Domains
  • Preparing for Inbound Email
  • Modifying your MX Records


Other Connect application tasks can be setup using the Administration Console. However this isn't recommended unless you're an advanced user, or you've been specifically advised to do so by Mimecast Support.

If you use the Administration Console for tasks, ensure you mark the corresponding tasks as "skipped" in the Connect application. This enables your progress to be tracked correctly.

MSP / Partner Questions


I'm an MSP. Can I use the Connect application?


Yes, but there won’t be a link into the application from the MSP Partner Portal. To use the Connect application, either:

  • Log into the application using the dedicated URL, using the credentials found on the email received after the account was created. See the Accessing the Connect Application page for full details.
  • Single sign-on from the Mimecast MSP Partner Portal into the administration console, and use the application switcher to access the Connect application. See the Accessing Other Mimecast Applications page for full details


Is the existing Connect process still valid?


The existing email driven Connect process remains in place. It is used by customers with email platforms outside of those initially supported by the application, and as a backup if needed.


Why do I have to validate the domains?


Domain validation strengthens the overall security posture for customers and Mimecast. This ensures only those domains for which ownership can be proven is added to the Mimecast platform. The existing Connect process requires Mimecast to check the domains one by one, but this will also move to domain validation in the near future.


How is progress tracked?


When a task has been marked as completed or skipped in the Connect application, it shows as “finished” on our records. Your account remains in the “In Progress” section of your Mimecast MSP Partner Portal until all the tasks have finished.


How long will the Connect application be available to me?


The Connect application remains available until all the tasks have been “finished” (i.e. successfully completed or skipped). Once all the tasks are finished, the application remains available for a further 30 days. After that it will disappear from the Application Switcher in the Administration Console.


Where do I / customers find more information on the Connect application?


Information about the Connect application, and its associated processes can be found in: