Managing Partner Administrators

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Available to selected roles only, the Manage Partner Administrators feature enables you to allocate access to administrators outside of your organization's internal domains. This is used when your account is being managed by an external service provider. This only applies if the partner utilizes the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Portal. For more information on delegating access to an external partner administrator, see the MSP Portal: Delegating Access page.

If IP Address restrictions have been enforced in the customer's Account Settings, the Partner Account Settings are respected when logging in from the MSP Portal. This ensures that the Partner is able to access the customer account without connecting from the customer's configured IP ranges.

To manage your partner's administrators:

  1. Select the Manage Partner Administrators button. A list of Partner Administrators is displayed.
  2. Click the Add Partner Admin button. 
  3. Complete the fields as follows:

    Partner Admin Email AddressEnter the email address of the external user (e.g.
    Select Role

    Enter the role that the Partner Administrator belongs to.


  4. Click the Save and Exit button. The Partner Administrator is added to the role.


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