FAQ, Common Scenarios, and How Do I?

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Q.  How can I deduplicate search results BEFORE messages are reviewed. 

A.   If you have multiple searches to review, you are likely to have overlapping results.  You can deduplicate the results prior to review by creating a 'consolidated review' and by adding the relevant searches to this review.  We will not add duplicate messages to a review if those messages already exist.


Q.  I have multiple searches to review within my discovery case but I need to different reviewers for each one.  How can I assign different reviewers to these reviews?

A.  First of all, you will need to create 'independent reviews' in order to manage them separately.  In the above scenario, you can create your review but do not assign the reviewers during the creation process.  Once you have selected your searches and created the 'independent reviews', you can then manage each review separately.   From here you can manage permissions, reviewers and tags for each stream


Q.  I have more than 200,000 emails to review. How can I do this given the maximum number of items allowed in a review stream is 200,000?

A.  You will need to create multiple reviews.  Check your search results from the discovery case before creating your reviews.  If you only have one search you should consider refining your criteria to ensure you have less than the maximum number.  


Another approach is to create multiple searches with different date ranges.  For example, if your original search was 'all mail between January 2015 and December 2015', consider splitting that into 2 - 'all mail between January 2015 and June 2015' AND 'all mail between July 2015 and December 2015'.


Q.  How can I give outside counsel, or anyone outside my organization, access to a review?

A.  You can create a new user account if one does not already exist e.g. jane.outsidecounsel@yourdomain.com.  


Q.  How can peer or senior reviewers review messages that require a secondary or further review?  e.g. a reviewer needs a second opinion or wants to escalate a message for further review.

A.  There is no concept or workflow for escalating a message in review, however you can easily achieve this via existing features.  

  • Messages that require a secondary review can be tagged (e.g. using a tag called 'Follow Up' or 'Questioned').  
  • Additionally, notes/comments can be added for the secondary reviewer.  
  • At any time, the secondary reviewer can access the review and find all messages with the tag used above
  • They can then view each message, view existing comments, add their own comments, change the review status and add/remove tags if necessary.


Q. Can I search within my search?

A.  Yes, when you access your review you have the option to run full content searches within each message status.  You can select the 'Pending' status to list all messages that have been reviewed and use the smart search bar at the top of the message list to search within your search.


For example, when you access your review stream you may notice that 'google alerts' are appearing in the results and you know that these need to be removed as they are not relevant.  You can search within the pending status for emails where the sender is 'alerts@google.com', bulk select all of the results and mark them as 'Not Relevant'.