Viewing archived mailboxes

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Applies To


Administrators with permission and access to manage Mailbox Recovery functionality as well as permission to view archived content.



Administrator with the following role permissions:


  • Services Menu | Mailbox Recovery (read, edit)
  • Archive Menu | Search Content View (protected permission) 



Viewing archived mailboxes

.All Mailbox Recovery functionality can be accessed under 'Services > Services > Mailbox Recovery'.  Once you have accessed Mailbox Recovery use the 'hamburger' menu option to access all sub menus.


  1. Navigate to 'Services > Services > Mailbox Recovery' '
  2. From the 'hamburger' menu select 'Archived Mailboxes'


This displays a consolidated list of all archived mailboxes within the Mimecast account.  This includes mailboxes that are currently part of an archive sync task and those of inactive users.  Archived mailboxes will always be visible as long as long as it has been synchronized once.


You can search for a specific mailbox or scroll through the list.  Once you identify your mailbox you can click through to view the mailbox and perform other tasks including data recovery and search within mailbox.