Browsing and searching archived mailboxes

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Applies To


Administrators with permission and access to manage Mailbox Recovery functionality as well as permission to view archived content.



Administrator with the followingrole permissions:


  • Services Menu | Mailbox Recovery (read, edit)
  • Archive Menu | Search Content View (protected permission) 


Archived mailboxes

When you access an archived mailbox you have a number of options available to you in terms of finding and accessing user data.


Live and Archive View

Administrators can switch between the 'live view' and 'archive view' of a users mailbox - much like an end user can within the Mimecast Personal Portal.


  • Live View - displays the folder structure and emails that were last replicated. (This is the most recent view of the mailbox)
  • Archive View - displays all folders and emails that were present at any point in the mailbox history. This allows you to view emails in their folder structure even if they have since been deleted from your mailbox, or moved within the folders.



Browse through the folder structure (live or archive view) much like you do within Outlook or any other email client.



There are two options for search.  Searching for folder names across the mailbox (including mail, calendar and contact folders) and searching for content within specific folders.


Folder search

Use the search field above the folder list to search across all mailbox folders.


Content search

Once you have selected a folder from the list and loaded the content,  you can search within that folder using the search field above the list of emails, calendars and contacts (dependent on what folder you have loaded.)


NOTE:  When searching email folders, a full content search across message body, subject and attachments is performed.

NOTE:  At this time, searching calendar and contact folders is meta data only.  


Searching calendar folders: a search across the organizer, attendee and subject only.


Searching contact folders: a search across name, email address and company only.