Exporting mailbox data

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Applies To


Administrators with permission and access to manage Mailbox Recovery functionality as well as permission to view archived content.



Administrators with the followingrole permissions:


  • Services Menu | Mailbox Recovery (read, edit)
  • Archive Menu | Search Content View (protected permission) 


Exporting mailbox data

Data export is supported at the folder level.  Choose any folder in the mailbox hierarchy to enable the 'Export' button.  


Individual mailbox items can be downloaded directly when viewing the mailbox item.


Export format


  • PST
  • ZIP
    • Exporting to ZIP retains folder structure and all mailbox content will be exported in native format (EML, ICS, VCF)


Date Range

Refine the export further by defining a date filter.  For example, choose to export the entire mailbox but only up until January 1, 2017.  Or export all calendar items between January 1 and March 31.


Recovery mode

  • Safe view
    • This applies to email only and protects users by exporting the post processed view of email (after it is passed through the Mimecast gateway.)  For example, these emails will contain rewritten URLs, transcribed attachments,stripped/linked/blocked attachments and stationery.
  • Original view
    • This the preserved, original message as received by Mimecast before any policies have been at the gateway.


Maximum file size

Sets a maximum file size for the export.  Set a number between 1GB and 20GB.   Exports that reach the maximum size will be split over multiple files.


It is recommended to restrict exports to 4GB to ensure downloads are faster.


Email notification

Enter an email and receive a notification when the export has been prepared and is ready to download.


Export file retention

Exports will be available for 14 days before they expire, after which they will no longer be available from the export and restore queue.


Export report

A report that provides a summary of the data export along with a detailed log of all mailbox items that failed to export will be available in the export and restore queue.