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The reseller portal is designed for use by Mimecast partners. It provides:

  • A dashboard with meaningful commercial information (e.g. customer information, upcoming renewal dates, etc.).
  • The ability to create prospects, quotes, and deal registrations, as well as place orders online.
  • A set of sales and marketing tools, including the Partner Interactive Marketing Suite (PIMS) for generating new leads.
  • Access to up to date marketing collateral for you and your prospective customers, and support your Mimecast pipeline.
  • An education academy for courseware and certifications.


Reseller Portal Toolbar




The reseller portal has a toolbar you can use to access the following:

  • Left hand menu
  • Help
  • Profile menu
  • Logoff function


Accessing the Left Hand Menu

Menu ItemsMost of the reseller portal functions are accessed from a left hand menu. The menu is not displayed by default, so as not to clutter your display. It is accessed by clicking the Menu button button in the top left hand corner. The different menu items are grouped together into the groups below. Once clicked, a second level of menu items is displayed, that you can use to access the specific functionality.


For example to access a list of your prospects:

  1. Click on the Menu button button in the top left hand corner of the toolbar.
  2. Click on the Sales menu item. A secondary menu is displayed.
  3. Click on the Prospects menu item. Your list of prospects is displayed.


Menu ItemDescription
DashboardReturns you to the Reseller Portal Dashboard.

Gives you access to create and maintain Deals Prospects, and Quotes.

CustomersAllows you to see your customers, view the status of orders, list open / closed support cases, view upcoming renewals, and search for invoices. This option is only available to Administrators.
ResourcesProvides access to Marketing Resources, including a list of what's new, sales tools, access to Partner Interactive Marketing Suite (PIMS), branding, logos, a list of marketing campaigns, and other customer tools.
EducationProvides access to various Educational Resources, including certified assessments, how to become Mimecast certified, and the Mimecast Academy.
CompanyProvides access to the latest company news, your account team's contact details, an "About Mimecast" page, and how to get technical support.
Mimecaster CentralDirects you to Mimecaster Central.
BlogDirects you to the Mimecast company blog.


Accessing Help


You can access Mimecast's Mimecaster Central community, including the Knowledge Base, by:

  1. Clicking the Help toolbar button button.


Accessing the Profile Menu


Account A menu is also available from your account profile. It provides details of your account, partner information, account manager, and user management.

User Management is available to administrators only.

To access the menu:

  1. Click on your Account Name in the toolbar. A popup menu is displayed.
  2. Click on one of the following menu items:
    • My Account: Displays details about your account, including your partner email address, security question, roles. Your partner details are also displayed including your margin percentage. Buttons are also available to change your:
      • Security question
      • Password
    • Partner Details: Displays additional partner details including whether you're certified, and the certification details.
    • User Maintenance: Displays a list of users. From the list you can:
      • Filter the users by their registered status.
      • Register a user to use the reseller portal.
      • Deregister a user to prevent access to the reseller portal
      • Edit a registered user.
      See the Reseller Portal: Maintaining Users page for full details of these actions.

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