Searching the Reseller / MSP Portal

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A search tool is available to help you find portal content. What it finds depends on whether the search is performed from:

  • The portal's toolbar.
  • A portal record listing (e.g. prospects).


Searching via the Toolbar


Searching the PortalSearching the portal via the toolbar finds text in the title or content of white papers, data sheets, case studies, blog posts, videos, events, and press releases.


To use the toolbar's search tool:

  1. Click on the Search tool icon icon. A text box is displayed.
  2. Enter your search text.
    A search for content is performed as you type, and the results displayed in a popup section below the search text (see right). You can click on a link to display the page at this point. Alternatively, proceed to step 3.
  3. Press the Enter key. A list of search results are displayed.

    Search results


Searching via a Portal's Record Listing


You can search for content in any of the portal's record listings (e.g. prospects, customers). When searching in these listing, the results are limited to content of that type. For example, searching in the prospects listing only finds prospect records.

When searching from a record listing, you can search for numerical values (e.g. quote numbers).

To search a record listing:

  1. Click in the Search XXXX... box (where XXXX is the record type).
    Listing Search Tool
  2. Enter your Search Text / Number.
  3. Press the Enter key, or click the Go button. The results are displayed.

    Search Results