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Developed byTime to Reply
Support contactCustomers can use the live chat feature on the https://timetoreply.com website or email support@timetoreply.com with any support questions.



Company Overview


Time To Reply™ works with your existing email to give you analytics on how well your sales agents are handling their email inquiries.


Time To Reply™ tracks individual and group mailboxes and provides the following metrics on a company and per agent/mailbox level:


  • Average email response time
  • Average email response time to new emails
  • Volume of total inbound emails
  • Volume of total replies
  • Volume of new inbound emails
  • Volume of replies to new emails


Time To Reply™ allows you track the emails that are important to your business and view analytics of your email performance from an online dashboard.


Time To Reply™ has integrated with the Mimecast API to provide our service to any Mimecast user and it takes a few clicks to setup.


Integration Overview


Time To Reply™ has integrated with the Mimecast API to process email header information to provide email response time analytics and other metrics around email performance.




Getting Started


Adding mailboxes to Time To Reply


  1. Create a Time To Reply account - https://portal.timetoreply.com/ .
  2. Login to the Time To Reply Dashboard.
  3. Go to Add / Remove Agents
  4. Click Add Agent and select the Mimecast option from the drop down.
  5. Complete the form fields, click validate.
  6. Enter the user password and click save.


Live help is available via our website to help with any setup.

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