The Case Review Application

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The case review application allows you securely compartmentalize your data, where a discovery case, litigation hold, compliance, or other investigation is started. 





The case review application allows you to reduce the volume of data to be reviewed, and sent to outside counsel or third party processing solution, by:

  • Granular filtering of data via full content and metadata search, including attachments, to enable bulk review.
  • Allowing a reviewer to:
    • Deduplicate messages prior to being reviewed.
    • Review and mark messages for relevance an privilege.
    • Mark privileged communication for further review by an in house or outside counsel.
    • Tag messages for further categorization, grouping, and identification.
    • Add notes to case data.
    • Search within case results to quickly pinpoint data.
    • All review activity is audited and recorded against each message
  • Allows external counsel access to review pre or post reviewed data.
  • Manage reviews within a case on a ‘per search’ basis, enabling scoped reviewer access to each search, to maintain security and compliance.


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