Mimecast Mobile: Managing Secure Messages

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Open Secure Message

This guide describes how on Mimecast Mobile, and if you've Secure Messaging enabled on your account, you can manage secure messages after they've been sent. The tasks you can perform include:

  • View what the recipient can do with the message.
  • View if the recipient has read the message.
  • Extending a message's expiry date.
  • Recalling a message.


Opening a Secure Message


To open a secure message:

  1. Open the Mimecast Mobile application.
  2. Tap on your Sent Items folder.
  3. Tap on the Secure Message you want to manage.


Recipient ActionsViewing What Actions the Recipient Can Perform


You can see what actions (e.g. reply, print) the recipient can perform on the message. These actions are controlled by the definition used when you sent them the secure message:

  1. Open the message (see above).
  2. Tap on the Recipient's Name.
  3. A popup is displayed above their name that lists the actions they can perform.


Viewing if the Recipient has Read the Message


You can see if the recipient has opened the message from the middle section of an open sent message.

Recipient's Read Status


Extending the Expiry DateExtending a Secure Message's Expiry Date


If a secure message has been given an expiry date, it is displayed to the right of the recipient's name (see above). If that date hasn't been reached, you can extend it:

  1. Open the message (see above).
  2. Tap on the Extend Expiry button.
  3. Tap to select a new expiry Date and Time.
  4. Tap on the Extend button. The new expiry date and time is set.


Recalling a Secure Message


Provided the recipient hasn't open a message, you can recall it:

  1. Open the message (see above).
  2. Tap on the Recall Message button.
  3. Tab on the Recall button in the confirmation dialog.
    Recall Message