Case Review Application: Getting Started Guide

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This guide outlines the process of setting up and using the Case Review Application.


Applies To...


  • Administrators tasked with gathering messages to review as part of an eDiscovey case.
  • Users tasked with using the Case Review application to identify messages relevant to the case.




Administrator Tasks


Messages are gathered by way of a review stream. This forms part of an eDiscovery Case, and it managed by the following tasks:


Configuring a Review Stream Describes how to setup and configure a review stream as part of an existing eDiscovery case.
Discovery Cases: Viewing Review Streams Describes how to display a list of the review streams, and get supplementary information about what users can do with them.
Accessing a Review Stream's Smart Tags Describes how to access the smart tags created by the export of a review stream in a discovery case.
Closing a Review Stream Describes how to close a review stream once all messages have been reviewed. This permanently closes the stream, removing all data. As a result, you should only close a review stream when the data is no longer required.


Case Review Application Tasks


The pages listed below cover all tasks and aspects of the case review application.


The Case Review Application Provides an overview of the case review application. It includes a video of how the application allows you securely compartmentalize your data, where a discovery case, litigation hold, compliance, or other investigation is started.
Logging In Describes the methods users can use to access the case review application, in order to review messages captured by a discovery case.
User Interface Provides an overview of the case review application user interface, it's functions, and how they can be used.
Case Review App: Using the Hierarchy Describes how to use the application's hierarchy to navigate around the review streams and their messages.
Searching / Filtering Messages Describes how to search for messages by a time frame or attachments, or filter messages by their status or tags.
Reviewing Messages Describes how messages included in a discovery case can be reviewed, have their status changed, and have comments added to a message at the same time as changing it's status.
Forwarding / Printing Messages Describes how to forward or print messages from the case review application. This requires the review stream to be configured by an administrator to allow this.
Adding / Removing Message Tags Describes how to add and remove tags to or from messages that form part of a review stream.
Adding Comments to a Message Describes how to add short comments (up to 200 characters) to a message.
Viewing a Message in HTML / Plain Text Describes how a message containing HTML elements (e.g. forms, frames) can be viewed in plain text mode inside the case review application.
Viewing a Message's Audit History Describes how to look at a message's audit trail inside the case review application, to identify the actions taken on it.
Viewing a Message in a Separate Tab Describes how to view a message in it's own tab inside the case review application.