Case Review App: Exporting a Review Stream's Messages to Smart Tags

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This guide describes how to export the results of a review stream as smart tags, so they are accessible by administrators from the Administration Console.


Applies To...


  • Users assigned to review messages captured as part of a discovery case.




When a review is completed, the reviewer can export the results to smart tags. This allows the review stream's results to be included in other discovery cases, archive searches, or export / litigation holds. 


Exporting to Smart Tags


To export a review steam's messages to smart tags:

  1. Click on the Export button. A list of review streams is displayed.
  2. Click on the Review Stream required. A confirmation dialog is displayed.
  3. Click on the Export button in the confirmation dialog.


Export progress notificationThe export starts and a notification is displayed (see right). During the export:

  • All messages in the review stream are tagged with their status (e.g. relevant, not relevant, privileged) at the time of export. 
  • The icon of the Message Review section of the review stream changes to a progress icon (see the image above). This goes back to the default icon once the export is complete.


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