Sync & Recover: The Export and Restore Queue

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This guide describes the export and restore queue that forms part of the Sync & Recover functionality.



The export and restore queue is the place to:

  • Monitor all your archive mailbox export and recovery activity.
  • Download exported files.
  • Run reports.


Displaying the Export and Restore Queue


To display the export and restore queue:

If you're already in Exchange Sync & Recover, skip steps 1-3.

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration menu item.
  3. Click on the Services | Exchange Sync & Recover menu item.
  4. Click on the Menu icon icon in the top left hand corner.
  5. Click on the Export and Restore menu item.


Export and Restore Queue


Downloading Export Files


Export files are available for seven days after the export completes. The expiration date and time of the file is displayed in the queue. After the file has expired, you'll be unable to export the file. Each export file is in .PST format. If multiple export files have been produced, you can't download them all at once. They must be downloaded individually.


To download an export file:

  1. Click on the Download button. A popup panel displays the export files.
    Each file has a suffix of "Part X" (where x is a number) to indicate the sequence of files. For example if there are three files, the suffixes are "Part 1", "Part 2", and "Part 3". 
  2. Click on the Download button next to the file you want to download.
    If there are multiple download files, each must be downloaded separately.
  3. Specify a Location and File Name in the dialog.
  4. Click on the Save button.


Viewing a Report


Once an export or restore is complete, you can view a report. This can be useful when problem solving why items are not exported or restored, as failed items are listed with the reason why.


To view a report from either an export or restore:

  1. Click on the Report button next to the export / restore.
  2. Specify a Location and File Name in the dialog.
  3. Click on the Save button.
  4. Open the HTML File. The report is displayed in your browser.


Export / Restore REport

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