Sync & Recover and Archive Power Tools Differences

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Sync & Recover gives you the same functionality as the Archive Power Tools, but without requiring the Mimecast Synchronization Engine. It also offers additional functionality not previously available with the Archive Power Tools. This guide outlines the differences.




Exchange Mailbox Sync & Recovery


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Microsoft Exchange Office 365.YesYes
Microsoft Exchange (2010 or later) On-Premises.YesYes
Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Office 365.YesYes


Mailbox Content Synchronization


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Mailbox foldersYesYes
Mail (metadata)YesYes
Track changes and history of synced mailboxes.YesYes
Deleted items folder.NoYes


End User Access to Synchronized Mailboxes (Folders and Emails)


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Mimecast for Outlook support.YesYes
Mimecast Personal Portal support.YesYes
Mimecast for Mac support.YesYes
Mimecast Mobile support.YesYes


End User Access to Synchronized Mailboxes (Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes)


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Mimecast for Outlook support.NoNo
Mimecast Personal Portal support.NoCalendars Only
Mimecast for Mac support.NoNo
Mimecast Mobile support.NoNo


Administrator Access to Synchronized Mailboxes


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Organizational view of all synced mailboxes (admins only).YesNo
Search user mailboxes.YesNo


Data Recovery


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
End users can recover emails from all end user apps.YesYes
Administrators can export emails, calendars, and contacts to .PST files, and native format (.EML, .ICS, .VCF).YesNo


Exchange Storage Management


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
Policy defined message stubbing of full messages or attachments only on Exchange.NoYes
User invoked message stubbing via Outlook.NoYes


Granular Retention Management


FeatureSync & RecoverArchive Power Tools
User "drag and drop" access to personal retention folders in Outlook.NoYes
Staggered deletion schedules from Exchange, Mimecast personal and administrative archive.NoYes


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