Mimecast for Outlook: Configuring Notifications

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This guide describes how you can control the number of notifications end users receive in Mimecast for Outlook.




You can control the number of notifications end users receive by amending the value of the "Notification Level" option in the Outlook section of your Application Settings. See the Configuring Application Settings page for full details. This option has the following values:


Errors OnlyOnly notifications displaying error messages are displayed.
Warnings and ErrorsDisplays the same notifications as the "Errors Only" value, plus all warning messages.
Information, Warnings and ErrorsDisplays the same notifications as the "Warnings and Errors" value, plus all information messages. This is the default option.


Notification Examples


Notifications are being added and amended in each Mimecast for Outlook release. To help you decide the value to set in the "Notification Level" option, the table below gives some examples:


AddInYou have unsent Large File Send messages. Uploads will be paused and resume when you restart Outlook.Warning
ContinuityOutlook entered/left continuity mode - <comment>.Warning
ExportExport to {0} completed.Information
Export to {0} completed with {1} failure(s). Please see the application log for details.Warning
Managed SendersCannot trust sender {0} as it is already blocked.Warning
FeedbackYour feedback has been sent successfully! Many thanks.Information
Your feedback could not be sent! Please contact your administrator.Warning
Mail MessageRetrieving attachments for {0} message(s).Information
Download completed.Information
Download cancelled.Information
Saved {0} of {1} email(s).Information
Preparing content for printing...Information
Sender blocked.Information
Domain blocked.Information
Spam reported.Information
Phishing reported.Information
Successfully released {0} item(s).Information
Successfully rejected {0} item(s).Information