MSP Portal: Getting Started Guide

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This page applies to new clients gaining access to the Mimecast Partner Portal.



Once your partner agreement is signed, follow these steps to access the Mimecast Partner Portal:

  1. Send a list of the required portal users (names and emails) to your Account Manager. Depending on your account type: 
    1.  For our Reseller Partner Portal, your account manager will then set up the required accounts and send over the details.
    2. For our Managed Service Providers (MSP) Partner Portal, continue to Step 2.
  2. To access the portal, users will need to be set up on your Mimecast account. This is usually completed as part of the “Recipient Validation” stage of the Connect process. See the Connect Process: Configuring Recipient Validation page for more information.




Consider the following when setting up users on your Mimecast account:

  • We recommend enabling Directory Synchronization on your account for the easiest user experience, as this will allow users to log on with their existing domain credentials. Otherwise, a Mimecast cloud password must be set up.
  • For Cloud password users, we recommend setting up self-serve password resets on your account. This will allow users to reset their Mimecast cloud password should they misplace it. See the Configuring the Resetting of Cloud Passwords page for more information.
  • Users must have a “Primary” email address for accessing the portal. An alias or forwarding email address is not currently supported for authentication.
  • Single-Sign-On is also supported by the Partner Portal. Refer to the Single Sign-On (SSO) section for details on how to enable this, depending on your end user application. 2-Factor Authentication is also supported. See the 2-Step Authentication Overview page for further details.
  • For any new users joining at a later stage, ensure they are added to your Mimecast account before requesting a Portal invite.


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