Connect Application: Enabling Active Directory Synchronization Using G Suite

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This page applies to new clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application. If you're not using the Connect Application, click here.




If you have a G Suite account, you can automatically manage your users and groups by synchronizing your G Suite Directory with us. Once configured and verified, we'll automatically synchronize with your G Suite Directory several times a day. If you choose not to synchronize your directory, you'll need to manually import a list of your users. See the Connect Application: Adding Users Manually page for further information.

Only the "Email Address" and "Full Name" attributes are synchronized by default. Other attributes must be configured in the G Suite and Mimecast Administration Consoles first. Once a directory synchronization completes successfully, these attributes are displayed in Mimecast. The only attributes we can’t support are multi-valued attributes. Additionally G Suite doesn't synchronize passwords or provide any authentication functionality. If you require authentication for your G Suite applications, use Exchange EWS or ADFS domain authentication functionality.

Configuring G Suite for Directory Synchronization

Before synchronizing your directory using G Suite in the Connect Application, you'll need to complete the following external tasks:

  1. Enable API access and create a user account in the Google Admin Console. You'll need a Super Administrator logon.
  2. Enable the Admin SDK. You'll need access to the API Console.
  3. Create a Service Account from the Google API Console.
  4. Authorize the Service Account's Client ID in the Google Admin Console.

View the Configuring G Suite for Directory Synchronization page for full configuration information. 

Creating a Mimecast Directory Connector


To create a Mimecast Directory Connector using G Suite:

  1. Log on to the Connect Application.
  2. Navigate to the Platform | Synchronize Your Directory tab.
  3. Click on the Start button in the "Task Steps for G Suite Directory" section.
  4. Skip to Step 3 | Create a Directory Connector page by clicking on the Next buttons.
    Ensure the prerequisite tasks outlined in the "Configuring G Suite for Directory Synchronization" section are complete.
  5. Enter the Email Address of the user created in the "Google Administration Console Configuration" section of the Configuring G Suite for Directory Synchronization page.
  6. Upload the JSON File created in the "Setting Up the API Service" section above by either:
    • Clicking on the Import button and selecting the saved file.
    • Pasting the file contents into the Service Account JSON File field.
  7. Click on the Synchronize button. A summary page displays confirming the configuration.


Verifying the Mimecast Directory Connector


To verify that the synchronizations are completing successfully:

  1. Log on to the Mimecast Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Services | Directory Synchronization menu item. The G Suite configurations display.


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