Mimecast Web Security: Prerequisites

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To use the Mimecast Web Security feature, the following prerequisites must be met:


PrerequisiteSelect Device DeploymentsNetwork Level Protection
Administrator access (User ID & Password) is required on each computer. This is required so the DNS settings for the Network Adapter can be set to use the Mimecast Web Security gateway.YN
Administrator access (User ID & Password) is required on the firewall to configure your web security settings during the Connect session.NY
Your firewall must allow requests to pass through port 53 to the Mimecast Web Security gateway servers. For example:
  • Source: UDP/TCP port 53
  • Destination: &
Ensure traffic for these devices isn't intercepted or filtered elsewhere on the network.
The egress IP is required when configuring your Mimecast Web Security gateway locations. The egress IP is the public IP address used to send requests and must be in CIDR format.YY
Browsers must have cookies enabled to display block pages. If cookies are disabled, block pages won't display.YY
The minimum supported Mac OS version is macOS Sierra (10.12).YY
A role with write access to the following Mimecast Administration Console menu items, to configure your  Mimecast Web Security gateway:
  • Gateway | Policies
  • Web Security
Managed endpoint systems should use a Network Time Provider to ensure accurate system clocks.YN


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