The Mimecast Awareness Training Dashboard

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This guide describes how administrators can use the Mimecast Awareness Training dashboard as a one-stop shop for key user and reporting information over the last year. The dashboard provides:

  • A consolidated view of real-time results from all scheduled modules, showing trend data over time.

    Data from scheduled campaigns is excluded from these analytics.

  • The ability to identify users that may need additional assistance.
  • Company wide performance metrics as well as details about each user’s response.


Accessing the Dashboard


Provided you're an administrator, the dashboard is displayed by default when you logon. If you've navigated away from the dashboard, you can access it by either clicking on the:

  • Dashboard toolbar button from the administration console.
    Accessing the Dashboard from the Admin Console
  • Go To Dashboard toolbar button from your video / training campaign library.
    Accessing the Dashboard from a library

Filtering by Module Category


When the dashboard is first displayed, data is displayed from the analytics for all module categories. You can filter the data displayed by a specific module category by clicking on a module category icon at the top of the dashboard.


Dashboard Modules


When filtering on a module category, consider the following:

  • Module categories that have no scheduled modules, have their icon greyed out. You can still click on these icons to access the module's detail, which allows you to schedule the module.
  • Click on the "Overall" icon to remove the filter and return to displaying the data from all module categories.


Dashboard Metrics

The dashboard doesn't display any metrics data when you first logon. This is because you need to schedule training modules to send to your users, before any metrics can be calculated.

The Ataata dashboardThe dashboard emphasizes the return-on-investment (ROI) from user security behavior management training, as well as tracking the effectiveness of the training over time. It also helps identify the types of employees, departments, and locations most susceptible to attacks. This is achieved by reviewing the following summary metrics:

  • Risk Score: This offers a direct insight into your training program. The score is arrived at by analyzing the sentiment, engagement, and knowledge (with the optional phishing analytics) to assess your company's cyber security risk profile. Think of it as a cyber FICO profile for company and employees. It is a standardized baseline that is easily comparable between employees, companies, and industries.
  • Performance Statistics: This measures the percentage of employees who've watched their videos and have answered their knowledge questions correctly.
  • Completion Rates by Department / Company Versus Industry Comparison: We've established a baseline of how people answer their knowledge questions, by surveying thousands of people across every major industry. Using this data you can see how your employees are faring specifically compared to your industry, as well as other industries in general.
    The summary breaks down the top and bottom three departmental completion rates, but can be expanded to display other departments and industries by clicking on the + icon.
  • Attitude Tracker: Before users take their first learning module, they answer five questions about their security at home and at work. We aggregate the data to pinpoint your company’s position on the attitude tracker, and monitor how your security climate changes over time. Click on the View Details link to view the details for each question.


Awareness Training Reporting

The reporting functionality is currently only available to legacy Mimecast Awareness Training customers. If you're in doubt whether this applies to you, contact our support team. Customers on the Mime OS platform should follow our Service Updates space for news of when this functionality is available to them.

Dashboard Report ButtonThe dashboard contains lots of useful information and statistics on your organization's overall awareness training. You can download this information to a PDF for management reporting purposes.


To create the PDF:

  1. Click on the Report button. The PDF is displayed in a new browser tab.
  2. Click on the Browser Tab.
  3. Download or Print the PDF. See the Dashboard Report page for an example report.


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