Mimecast Awareness Training: Analyzing Performance

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This guide describes how administrators can monitor user performance, both at the employee and department level.


The performance section provides various graphical displays and statistics which inform how the company's performance develops over time. Additional information is available on individual user's risk scores and participation in watching videos. The reports can also help administrators identify the employees, departments, or locations that may be more susceptible to risk than others. The performance section has the following tabs:

  • Watchlist
  • Achievement
  • Risk Score




You can track participation in the watchlist. If a user doesn't complete the assigned module within a month, they are added to the watchlist. Users receive a weekly email reminding them to complete their assigned module prior to being placed on the watchlist.


The Watchlist contains:

  • The total number of employees on the watchlist.  For additional detail on users, click on the View Details button.
  • Widgets displaying the number of employees with unwatched videoes, which groups users based on how many modules they haven't completed.
  • A department by department percentage breakdown of your company's watchlist in a graphical display. Click on the All Departments drop down menu to access more information on a specific department.




The achievement dashboard displays an overview of employees performance in the following visual components:

  • A graphical display of performance by department, with a breakdown of the top and bottom three departments by the percentage of correct responses. 
  • The total number of employees.
  • The total number of videos sent.
  • The total number of videos not viewed.
  • The total number of correct responses.
Optionally click on the Department pull down menu to filter the display to a specific department.

Viewing Individual User Performance


View User DetailsTo view more in in-depth information about the number of correct / incorrect responses, per individual user, per department:

  1. Click on the View Details or View List button. A page displays with user details in the following columns:
    • Name: Displays the employee's name.
    • Email: Displays the employee's email address.
    • Department: Displays the employee's department.
    • Incorrect Responses: Displays the number of incorrect responses for each user.
    • Correct Responses: Displays the number of correct responses for each user.
    • Not Watched: Displays the number of unwatched videos for each user.
    • Ack / Do Not Ack: This is an optional feature that can be enabled globally (across all modules) for companies that require users to select either "Acknowledge" or "Do Not Acknowledge" upon completing the training module. 
      The Ack/Do Not Ack feature can be toggled on or off in company settings. Mimecast Awareness Training tracks users selecting Ack/Do Not Ack under Performance Achievements, separate from completing the training. Users can still receive credit for completing the training without selecting either Ack/Do Not Ack. This feature helps compliance offers who require employees to confirm that they have read and understood the company security awareness policies. 

With the user page displayed, you can utilize the following features:

  1. Filter by department: Click on the All Departments dropdown menu and select a specific department.
  2. Sort columns: Click on the Down / Up Arrow at the top of each column to toggle the display in alphabetical order.
  3. Filter incorrect responses: Click on an option in the Number of Incorrect Responses field to filter the display to a specific number of incorrect user responses.
  4. Add / remove columns: Click on the Columns pull down menu to select / deselect the columns you wish to view.
  5. Search for a user: Enter the user's name in theSearch for Users field and press Enter. Click on theX button to clear your search.
  6. Export user data: Click on the Export button to download a .XLSX file of the user data displayed.

Performance User Data

Risk Score


Mimecast Awareness Training's risk scoring offers administrators a direct line of sight into the effectiveness of the training program for employees. It analyzes various elements from three dimensions; sentiment, knowledge (with optional phishing performance metrics), and engagement, to assess your company’s cyber security risk profile. 


The risk scoring used is a standardized baseline easily comparable between employees, companies, and industries. It works by calculating a median value of an employee's performance overall, resulting in a score from poor to excellent. View the Mimecast Awareness Training: How Risk Scoring Works page for more information on how employee and company risk scores are calculated.


Risk Score DasboardThe Risk Score Dashboard


The Risk Score dashboard displays the following:

  • The total number of employees scored.
  • The total number of employees per risk score, from very poor to excellent.
  • How the company’s risk profile has changed in a graphical display. An example of a company risk profile developing over time is displayed on the right.


Viewing Individual User Risk Scores


You can monitor risk scores on a per-user basis, allowing you to easily identify the riskiest employees as well as their weakest areas. Employee details can be sorted by name, email, departments, risk score, sentiment, engagement, and knowledge. In addition, the risk score details can be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.


To view more in-depth information about individual user risk scores:

  1. Risk Score DetialsClick on the View Details or View List button from the main dashboard. A page displays with user details in the following columns:
    • Name: Displays the employee's name.
    • Email: Displays the employee's email address.
    • Department: Displays the employee's department.
    • Risk Score: Displays the user's overall risk score.
    • Sentiment: Displays the user's overall sentiment value.
    • Engagement: Display the user's overall engagement value.
    • Knowledge: Displays the user's overall knowledge value.
    • Custom Fields: If you've configured custom fields, these are also displayed.


With the user page displayed, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Filter by department: Click on the All Departments pull down menu and select a specific department to view.
  2. Sort columns: Click on the Down / Up Arrow at the top of each column to toggle the display in alphabetical order.
  3. Filter by risk category: Click on the various options in the Risk Category field to filter the display to specific risk categories, from very poor to excellent.
  4. Add / remove columns: Click on the Columns pull down menu to select / deselect the columns you wish to view.
  5. Search for a user: Enter the user's name in the Search for users field and press Enter. Click on the X button to clear your search.
  6. Export user data: Click on the Export All button to download a .XLSX file of all the user risk score data.

Risk Score Features

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