Mimecast Web Security: Frequently Asked Questions

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This guide lists some issues you may encounter, and how to solve them.




Q:I have a local DNS server managing internal resources. What should I do?

If you have a local DNS, this must be set as an exception.


My local DNS exceptions aren't being logged. Is this correct?

A:Yes, local DNS exceptions aren't logged.




Q:I've added / changed a policy, but this doesn't seem to be reflected in my DNS. Why is this?

It can take time for any policy changes to propagate to your DNS. 


Mimecast Security Agent


Q:My device was previously protected by the Mimecast Security Agent, but now I can't gain access to a web page.

A protected device must have your Mimecast Security Agent key installed on it. Check that the key:

  • Is correctly installed on the device.
  • Hasn't been deleted. If it has, the key must be reinstalled on the device.

I've installed the Mimecast Security Agent on my Mac, but didn't authorize the kernels when prompted to do so. Am I still protected?

A:No. All the kernels must be authorized on your Mac for the MSA to protect your device.


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