Mimecast Awareness Training Overview

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Mimecast's Awareness Training platform is comprised of two distinct sections:

  • Topical training modules aimed at end users.
  • A dashboard that allows administrators to manage their training program and monitor each user's performance.


Topical Training Modules


Each training module typically consist of a video lesson, a related question, and a learning moment including feedback and peer comparisons. They can also include:

  • Additional questions to gauge the user’s attitude towards security.
  • A page of custom content.


There are four possible flows to a training module. Each mode defines the type of training content contained in it:

  • Typical User Session: This is the default module type. It consists of a video lesson, related question, results page, and a badge.
    Standard Module
  • Custom Content: This allows you to add your own content (e.g. questions, text) to the module.
    Custom Module
  • Attitude Survey: Users are asked five questions to establish a baseline of the company’s overall attitude towards security. Every six months thereafter, users are asked the same five questions to expose changes in attitude and establish trends.
    Attitude Module
  • Change in Behavior Question: After completing the module users are presented with the question, "Have you changed anything you do in your daily life to make it more secure after watching these videos?”
    Behavior Module


Administration Dashboard


 Administrators can:

  • Manage the timing of the videos.
  • Include supplemental information on a topic of particular importance.
  • Manage which users receive the training.
  • Run reports on how:
    • Users are performing.
    • Performance compares to the industry average.
    • Additional information on user participation and attitudes.


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