Mimecast Awareness Training: The Module Queue

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Module listThis guide describes how administrators can manage the video tutorials sent to users via the module queue.


The module queue is split into three sections:

  • Scheduled Campaigns: These are modules sent to a targeted set of users (e.g. users in a specific department or who've failed a phishing test).
    Phishing campaigns are only displayed in the phishing component.
  • Scheduled Training Modules: These are video tutorials sent to all users as part of a general user awareness policy.
  • Available Training Modules: These are video tutorials that can be scheduled as part of a module or campaign.


Accessing the Module Queue


To access the module queue:

  1. Click on the Modules toolbar button. The list is split into the following sections:

    Scheduled CampaignsLeftLists all training modules added to a campaign, whether they're scheduled in the future or currently active.
    Available VideosMiddleLists all the available training modules in each category.
    Scheduled VideosRightLists all scheduled training modules, whether they're scheduled in the future or currently active. Up to 14 can be scheduled.


Working with the Module Queue


With the list of available videos displayed, you can perform the following actions:


Collapsing / Expanding the Module Queue Sections


Collapsing / Expanding SectionsYou can collapse and expand the scheduled campaigns and / or scheduled training videos sections. When you do this, the module queue section is expanded, allowing you to focus on the available training videos.


To collapse / expand the scheduled campaigns and / or scheduled training videos section, click on the collapse / expand icon.


Displaying a Module Category's Description


Module Category SummaryEach training module forms part of a wider group of modules covering the same theme (e.g. Data in Motion, Passwords). These module groups are called categories, and the available training modules are listed by category in the module queue.


You can display a summary description of each module category, by hovering over the question mark icon to the right of the module category name.


Displaying a Module's Summary Detail


Module Summary and ScrollingEach training module has a summary description of its content, including the topic. You can display this by hovering over the training module's image, which displays the summary below the image.


Scrolling Through the Module Category's Videos


If you've not collapsed the scheduled campaigns and scheduled modules sections, the training modules are displayed in the middle section. As there are many modules in each category, they may not all display at once.


You can scroll left and right through each category's training modules by clicking on the blue left / right arrows on the video tutorial image.


Removing a Module


You can remove a module, if, for example, a module has been incorrectly assigned on the wrong date for a user. It must be noted that modules can only be removed if the scheduled date is in the future. Therefore, if a module's completion date has passed, it cannot be removed. See examples below:


How to remove a module.


In order to remove a module:


  1. Go to the module queue section which is located to the far right
  2. Scroll to find the module that needs to be removed and select the Bin Bin Icon icon



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