Mimecast Awareness Training: Administration Guides

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The following guides are aimed at administrators of the Mimecast Awareness Training platform:




  • The Dashboard 
    Describes how you can use the Mimecast Awareness Training dashboard as a one-stop shop for key user and reporting information over the last year.
  • Analyzing Performance 
    Describes how you can monitor user performance, both at the employee and department level.
  • How Risk Scoring Works
    Describes in detail how Mimecast Awareness Training's risk scoring works.
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
    Lists the questions most frequently asked by users about Mimecast Awareness Training, broken down by category, together with answers.
  • Public APIs 
    Lists the public APIs and how to use them.




  • Configuring Administration Preferences
    Describes how you can configure your Mimecast Awareness Training account settings, including enabling phishing, configuring single-sign-on, and configuring the Microsoft Outlook Add-On.
  • Configuring Custom Fields 
    Describes how you can configure custom fields in your employee records to organize them.
  • Managing Email Alerts 
    Describes how you can manage the email notifications sent to users to remind them to complete their assigned Mimecast Awareness Training modules.
  • Managing Employees 
    Describes how you can manage your employees, including allowing them access to the administration dashboard. The guide includes details of importing employees from a file.
  • Using the Employee List 
    Describes how to use the employee list to customize and filter the data displayed, as well as exporting the employee data to a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Managing Groups
    Describes how to add, change, and delete a group, including adding / removing users from a group.


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