Mimecast Awareness Training: Frequently Asked Questions

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This page answers common questions administrators have about the Mimecast Awareness Training platform. To make them easier to find, the questions are split into the following categories:



Q:What topics do the modules cover?
A:Mimecast Awareness Training offers dozens of modules to address today’s active threats in the following core content categories:
  • Data in Motion: This covers moving data from a secure to a less secure location (e.g. uploading a company file to the cloud, forwarding a work email to a personal account).
  • Information Protection: This covers social media posting, discussing sensitive information in public, using public WiFi, etc.
  • Office Hygiene: This covers shredding sensitive documents, careful printing practices, keycard tailgating, etc.
  • Passwords: This covers how to create and safely manage passwords.
  • Phishing: This covers vishing, smishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, and wire transfer fraud.
Additionally, we include modules on specialty topics like HIPAA, Insider Threat, GDPR, PCI, Dev Sec Ops, and Executive Training.
Q:How often do we produce new modules?
A:We are always producing new content, aiming to cover new specialty topics and refresh older content. You'll never have to repeat content year over year as there are always new modules to choose from. Our module topics are 100% informed by customer feedback and suggestions, so get in touch if you wish to request future modules.
Q:Are employees notified / reminded to complete a module?
A:By default, employees receive reminders once a week for four weeks until they've completed the training. After four weeks, they are placed on a watch list that administers can monitor and take the necessary action. You can change the frequency of the weekly reminders, and change the wording / branding of the email template used. See the Mimecast Awareness Training: Managing Email Alerts page for full details.
We can synchronize with your Single Sign On and Learning Management System to notify employees, as long as they have a unique identifier.
Q:Can we set a due date for a module's completion?
A:Not when they are scheduled, but you can communicate a due date to the employee by customizing the notification they receive to complete the module. You can monitor completions by exporting data from the Performance | Achievements tab. See the Mimecast Awareness Training: Analyzing Performance page for further information.
Q:Can we customize a module's content?
Yes, in part. You can add your own files to a module (e.g. a policy / procedure document). We also provide a one page brochure per module in both PDF and PPT format that you can customize. The uploaded file must be less than 5 MB in size. See the Mimecast Awareness Training: Uploading Common Custom Content to Modules page for full details. The video content and training questions cannot be changed. This ensures consistency across the platform to generate accurate data for our scoring system.

You can also create your own custom modules. See the Mimecast Awareness Training: Managing Custom Modules page for further information.

Q:I've purchased additional modules but I can't see these in my module queue. Why is this?
A:Additional modules need to be applied to your account by Mimecast before they can be scheduled to your users. Therefore there may be a small delay between purchasing additional modules and them being available for us. If in doubt, contact Mimecast Support.




Q:Can you select where new employees begin the training?
A:Yes. You can choose whether new employees start from where the rest of the employees are, or have them start from the beginning of the training cycle.
Q:How can we import employee data?
A:The following options are available to upload employee accounts:
  • Adding a single user via the dashboard (i.e. add, delete, and modify user attributes).
  • Uploading new users in bulk via a template (duplicates and all attributes are ignored).
  • Public Rest APIs. This can be used to add, delete, and modify user attributes via a public software intermediary that interacts with the platform to share data.
See the Mimecast Awareness Training: Managing Employees page for more information.
Q:What languages are supported?
A:The platform supports many different languages, including some right to left languages. See the Changing Your Local Language guide for the full list of languages available and how to configure the selections.
Q:Can we schedule modules for employees to take on-demand?
A:Yes. You can schedule targeted training for groups of employees that need to learn about specific topics. Whilst you can allow your employees to access all the content at once, we recommend against it. Persistent training over time is the best path to real learning. See the Scheduling Training Modules page for further details.
Q:Can we export the dashboard data?
A:Yes. Click on the Report button from the dashboard to generate a time-stamped PDF that summarizes all the key data points. Additionally, the data behind the dashboard summary can be exported to a .CSV file from inside the Performance tab detail.
Q:Can we add our own branding to Mimecast Awareness Training?
A:Yes in part. You can add your company logo to both the employee training experience and administration dashboards. You can also add custom branding to the module notifications sent to your employees. However, the use of HTML inside notifications isn't currently available but is on our roadmap.


Risk Scoring and Performance


Q:Where does our industry comparison data come from?
A:We've surveyed thousands of people across all major industries who have not taken our awareness training. We test them with our standard knowledge questions and record the percent of correct answers. See the How Risk Scoring Works page for further information.
Q:Can I see how employee attitudes change over time?
A:Yes. The changing attitude in your organization is exposed in real time on your dashboard and incorporated into your risk score. You can also print daily, weekly, and monthly reports to gain a real-time pulse of the attitude in your organization. See the Analyzing Performance page for more information.




Q:Can risk data be fed to an external tool?
A:Yes. You can call our rest APIs to pull data into tools like Splunk, Tableau, or Power BI.
Q:Can we implement Single Sign-On (SSO)?
A:Yes. You can configure Mimecast Awareness Training with most SSO providers as part of your implementation. See the "Configuring SSO" section of the Mimecast Awareness Training: Configuring Administration Preferences page for further details.
Q:Can we integrate Mimecast Awareness Training with our Learning Management System (LMS)?
A:Yes. We are SAML 2.0  compliant, so Mimecast Awareness Training can integrate with LMS systems to:
  • Notify employees of pending training.
  • Track completion on a per user basis.
Integration can be accomplished through different mechanisms to include API's, exports of static reports, or special integration points.
Q:Can training be provided in a SCORM package?
A:No, but for a good reason. We don't currently deliver modules via a SCORM package so that:
  • Your employees can experience a modern and fresh approach to training via our platform.
  • You can harness the power of predictive analytics to identify security risk due to employee behavior.
That said, typically the value of SCORM is providing completion data to your LMS, and we can provide that same data via API. 




Q:How long does it take to implement your system?
A:Mimecast's Awareness Training package can be implemented in seven days for out-of-the-box implementations, or 30 days with integration. Contact your Sales representative for more information.


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