Supervision: Adding Comments to a Message

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This guide describes how users can add short comments (up to 200 characters) to a message without setting the message's status. To add a comment at the same time as setting a message's status, see the "Changing a Message's Status and Adding a Comment" section of the Reviewing Messages page.


Commenting on a message is useful to:

  • Collaborate with other reviewers.
  • Add a reference as to why a message was marked in the chosen way.




Consider the following before adding a comment to a message:

  • Comments cannot be edited or deleted once they've been added.
  • Comments are specific to the selected review only. If a message is part of multiple reviews, comments added under one review won't be visible in other reviews.
  • Comments are visible by all reviewers assigned to the review.




To add a comment to a message:

  1. Expand the Compliance Review in the hierarchy.
  2. Click on a Status.
  3. Click on a Message.
  4. Either:
    • Use the Shift + M keyboard shortcut.
    • Click on the More icon icon and select the Comment menu item.
    • Click on the Comments tab in the message's footer.
  5. Enter your Comment in the box provided.
  6. Click on the Post Comment button.


Adding a Comment


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