Mimecast Mobile: Bounced and Rejected messages

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This page describes how incoming messages that have been bounced or rejected can be displayed in Mimecast Mobile.


Applies To:


  • End users of Mimecast Mobile v4.1 or later.


Bounced Messages


Bounced messages are those that Mimecast has accepted, but cannot deliver to the next hop or mail server. When this happens, a notification is sent to the sender of the message. Messages may be bounced due to a number of possible reasons. See the "Bounced Reasons" section of the Bounced Messages page for further details.


To view your bounced messages in the Mimecast Mobile:

  1. Select Bounced Messages from the main menu.
  2. Select a message to display its properties. This includes:
    • The message properties
    • Content


Rejected Messages


Rejected messages match certain criteria (e.g. they contain a virus signature, or destined to a recipient that doesn't exist). In these instances no email data is accepted by Mimecast, and rejected messages cannot be retrieved. With all rejections, Mimecast sends a rejection code to the sending mail server, and the mail server should forward a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) to the sender. See the "Common Rejection Types and Resolutions" section of the Monitoring Rejected Messages  page for further details.


To view your rejected messages:

  1. Select Rejected Message from the main menu.
  2. Select a message to display its properties. This includes:
    • The rejection properties (e.g. rejection type)
    • Triplet information
    • Remote server information