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With Mimecast Stationery functionality, it's possible to obtain incorrect results when creating and applying a Stationery Layout. Although Mimecast Support can be available to assist customers with queries, this page outlines common problems, and how Administrators can resolve them.

Mimecast is unable to support HTML coding of your Stationery Layouts.
Q:Why doesn't the body of the email display, while the other Stationery Layout components do? 
A:If the recipient cannot view the content of the email, check that the Stationery Layout HTML contains the <MC type=body> or <MC Type=comment> HTML tag. These tags represent the placement of the body of the sender’s email message.
Q:My stationery layout isn't being applied to internal messages. Why is it?
A:Stationery layouts are applied to a message as it passes through the Mimecast Gateway. Internal messages do not pass through the Mimecast Gateway, as they are handled by your organization's own mail server. As a result stationery cannot be used for internal messages.
Q:Why is our Stationery policy not being applied?
A:There are two other policies that override the Stationery policy. Review the following to ensure there are no conflicts:
On iOS devices, the mail application sends the message in plain text by default. This means that if a HTML layout has been configured, it's not used. Users must configure a plain text layout to ensure the Stationery policy is applied on iOS devices.
Q:Why is the incorrect Stationery Layout applying to emails? 
A:If Stationery isn't applying to emails correctly, ensure the Stationery policy is set correctly by:
  • Checking that the correct Stationery Layout is selected in the policy.
  • Checking that the Stationery is applying to the correct email flow, by validating the "For Emails From" and "For Emails To" sections of the policy.
  • In the "For Emails From" section of the policy, ensure that "Addresses Based On" is set to either the "Message From Address (Header)" or the "Return Address (Envelope)". This setting depends on the aliases configured for the internal domain sending address.
  • Check the "Policy Validity" section to ensure the policy is set as "Active" (i.e. the start date of the policy is the current date or a date in the past).
  • Compare the policy against the other currently active policies. A policy override may cause another policy to take preference. Also if there are multiple policies with the same mail flow (FROM and TO addresses), Mimecast will randomly apply the Stationery Layout from those policies.
Q:Why after editing a Stationery Layout, is the Edit HTML button replaced with a Purge Statistics button?
A:When a Stationery Layout has been used in conjunction with click actions, statistical data has been collected and the data is inked to the layout. If the measured component for which the statistics have been accumulated is removed, the statistics also have to be removed. If you need to edit the Stationery Layout, regardless of the loss of statistical data, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on the "Purge Statistics" button.
  2. Click the "Confirm Data Removal" button. The "Edit HTML" button restores.

It is possible to preserve the statistical data and change the Stationery Layout, by copying the layout to a new record, thereby leaving the original layout intact. To create a copy of the original layout, right click on the layout and select the "Copy Stationery" menu option.

The policy must be modified to apply the new copy of the Stationery Layout.

Q:Why are certain Stationery components not applying to email replies or forwards, or are only applied to the bottom of the email?
A:The HTML and Plain Text construction of the Stationery Layout must be modified to include the appropriate HTML tags. Add one of the following tags to resolve the issue:
  • <MC Type='Comment'> inserts that last reply from the email chain only.
  • <MC Type='Previouscomment'> inserts the rest of the email chain excluding the latest reply.
Q:Why does the Layout display an error when saved?
A:A layout requires the following mandatory elements to be completed:
  • Short Code
  • All the required components (e.g. image, text)
  • Plain text version

If these haven't been configured completely, the layout cannot be saved. Review the layout's components and adjust them as suggested below:

Short Code is a required fieldA unique Short Code string must be entered.
Please complete HTML Stationery component captureOne of the HTML components has not been fully configured.
Please compose plain text stationeryThe Plain Text element hasn't been completed. Click "OK" to view the Plain Text, and click the "Edit Plain Text" button to add text for the signature.
View the Configuring HTML Components page for additional details.
Q: Why are certain Stationery components not displaying correctly or behaving as expected? 
A: The Stationery Layout can include additional components besides the HTML and Plain Text. These include Images, Actions, Micro Sites, and Clickable links. If these aren't configured correctly, the end result may not behave as expected. Consider the following solutions to common display problems.
The image is distorted or there is quality degradation.Mimecast only displays the image uploaded to the Image Library in the size and quality that it's uploaded. Mimecast recommends a resolution of 72 dpi for images to display correctly.
The image displays in the wrong position.The image's placement is controlled by the HTML code. Using HTML tables usually helps to correct image placement problems, but HTML interpreters (e.g. email clients and web browsers) may not interpret the HTML correctly when the email is viewed by the recipient.
A clickable component (image or text) does not behave correctly.

If a action is assigned, but either the redirect option doesn't function as expected, or email address isn't collected successfully, there can only be two possible reasons.

  • The incorrect action has been assigned to the clickable component.
  • The action itself has not been configured correctly.
Q:Can you delete an image from the image navigator?
A:Yes, provided it isn't assigned to a stationery layout. See the Managing Stationery Layout Images page for full details.


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