Archiving: Frequently Asked Questions

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This guide provides administrators with common troubleshooting solutions for various issues relating to the Mimecast archive. Archiving provides on-demand access to all inbound, outbound, and internal mail via the Administration Console and end user applications.


Q:Why can't certain messages be located when performing an archive search?

We recommend checking the following:

  • Confirm that expected messages are not still awaiting indexing using the Message Center | Accepted Messages menu item in the Administration Console.
  • If using quotes in your search, ensure proper quotation syntax is being used in your search terms. We recommend that you type manually, instead of copy and paste. The terms not indexed by Mimecast are available in the Searching the Archive page.
Q:I'm trying to adjust the retention period of messages in the archive. Why isn't the retention adjustment request completing?

We recommend checking the following:

  • Ensure a second content administrator (Full, Super, or Discovery Officer) has confirmed the request.
  • Check the "Important Considerations" section of the Retention Adjustments guide.
Q:I've exported search results to smart tags via the Case Review App. How can I check the status of the review stream?

Click on the Archive | Discovery Cases menu item in the Administration Console, and click on the Review Stream Smart Tags button. See the Discovery Cases: Accessing a Review Stream's Smart Tags page for further details.

Q:How can I ensure I'm viewing all Smart Tags?
A:You can view a list of all smart tags, and the messages assigned to them, via the Archive | Smart Tags menu item in the Administration Console. Ensure the appropriate date range is specified as only the past 30 days display by default.
Q:How can I resolve search and export errors? 
  • Before messages can be exported, a saved archive search is required. See the Searching the Archive page for further details.
  • Check that the search has returned results.
  • Ensure that you haven't reached the export limit, as only five exports are allowed at once.
  • Check the export status is not "Export block is ready and waiting to be downloaded".
Q:Why has a Sync & Recover task failed?
A:Go to the Service | Exchange Sync & Recover menu item in the Administration Console, and click on the "View Details" button to check the synchronization task details. If a user account failed, hover over "Error" displayed in the "Last Result" column to view the error reason.
Q:My archive contains messages containing both English and German text. What results are returned if my search contains German specific characters?
A:The search looks for the specified text string. It returns any message that contains German compound words, words with umlauts or the eszett character, regardless of what language the message is written in. For example, if you search for "Straße" or "Wörter", messages written in English or German containing the text string are returned. See the Search Optimization for German Text blog post for full details.


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