BETA: Geographical Restrictions Policy

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Beta Information and overview


The Geographical restrictions policy helps customers to prevent receiving messages from specific countries and regions.  Some industries may have either regulatory requirements or security concerns which require their mail gateway to implement.  The Geo policy will allow customers a simple way to reject or permit mail from IP addresses listed in our country specific IP database.


Mimecast will evaluate and apply all policies that are applicable.  'Allow' definitions will override 'block' in the case of overlap and can be used to make exceptions.


CAUTION: Applying the 'block' policy will reject messages in protocol and will be recorded under the Administration > Monitoring > Rejected queue.


Timeline and feedback

We are focused on providing an exceptional experience for our customers, so are look for candidates willing to participate in this beta, due to start from March 18th, 2019.  Interested candidates are required to email to register interest.


Known issues and limitations

There is a set of current known issues documented below.  These are being addressed through the beta cycle, and will be fixed prior to release.


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Policy Setup

Once enabled on your account, the Threat Remediation dashboard will become visible, under Administration > Gateway > Policies > Geographical Restrictions.



1. Create a Definition

Select the 'Definitions' button to create a new definition.


  • Name: Type a 'friendly' name to describe the definition
  • Type: Choose to either block or permit IP addresses coming from the country list.  By default when there is no definition, Mimecast will allow connections from all countries.
  • Countries: Choose the countries you wish to apply policy to, by selecting and using the 'add' or 'remove' buttons to place countries in the 'selected' box.
  • Save and Exit


2. Create a Policy

  • Navigate to Administration > Gateway > Policies > Geographical Restrictions and click on the row
  • Fill out the details on the policy screen, making sure to select a definition

  • Click 'Save and Exit'