Mimecast Web Security: Policy Categories

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This page lists the categories used by a category filtering policy broken down by category group. See the Mimecast Web Security: Managing a Policy page for further details.


Security Category Group


AnonymizersSites that attempt to make activity untraceable (e.g. proxy servers that acts as an intermediary and privacy shield between a client computer and the internet). Example: https://2ip.io/anonim/ 
Attacker Controlled InfrastructurePrevents communication with malicious networks (botnet infrastructure) and blocks communication between botnet controllers and any bots on your network. 
BotnetsSites that are landing pages for botnets, or are infected by botnets. 
CompromisedSites that are infected with a virus or distribute viruses.
HackingSites with resources for the illegal or questionable use of computer hardware / software. Sites that describe how to gain unauthorized access to systems, and distribute copyrighted material that has been cracked to bypass licensing. Example: http://mirror-h.org 
MalwareSites that may contain malware or promote the distribution of malware. These sites may be infected by a virus.
Phishing & FraudSites used in phishing attacks. 
Potentially MaliciousSites that attempt to install malware onto a device.
Spam SitesSites that typically are contained in spam messages, and are associated with mischievous or unsolicited efforts.


Adult Category Group


Alcohol & TobaccoSites that are manufacturers / distributors of tobacco products, or that promote their use. Also sites that are restaurants / bars that primarily serve alcoholic drinks, or that promote the use of alcohol. Examples: http://rooseveltdenver.com or http://marlboro.com 
Hate & IntoleranceSites promoting aggressive, degrading, or abusive opinions about any section of the population that could be identified by race, religion, gender, age, nationality, physical disability, economic situation, sexual preferences, or any other lifestyle choice. Example: http://kkk.com 
NuditySites that provide full-frontal and semi nude images / videos (typically in artistic form) that might allow the download or sale of such materials. Example: http://www.roystuart.net 
Pornography / Sexually ExplicitSites containing sexually explicit content in an image-based or textual form. Any other form of adult / sexually-oriented material is also listed here. Example: http://xhamster.com 
Sex EducationSites that discuss sex and sexuality in an informative and non-voyeuristic way. Topics include education about human reproduction and contraception, advice on preventing infection from sexual diseases such as HIV, and advice to the LGBT communities on sexual health matters. Example: http://tradesexualhealth.com 
TastelessSites that aren't pornographic or violent, but are oriented towards content unsuitable for children or that an employer would be uncomfortable with their staff accessing. Example: http://specialfriedrice.net 
ViolenceSites that displays or promote content related to violence against humans or animals, as well as those that advocate any means of harming oneself such as self-mutilation or euthanasia. Example: http://peacefulpillhandbook.com 
WeaponsSites that sells weapons / ammunition or advocates the use of weapons. Sites of weapons manufacturers. Example: http://smith-wesson.com 


Bandwidth Intensive Category Group


Advertisements & Pop-UpsSites that advertise. Example: http://pubmatic.com 
Download SitesSites whose primary function is to allow users to download media content, except computer programs and mobile apps. This includes computer wallpaper, icons, fonts, etc. Example: http://zedge.net/wallpapers/ 
Image SharingSites that facilitate the sharing of, or searching for, photos. This can include social aspects of clubs or other organizations to share information (e.g. schedules and forums). This category can also include image hosting sites. Example: http://flickr.com 
Peer-to-PeerSites that facilitate file sharing using P2P software. This includes, but is not restricted to, sites that host P2P software or allow users to search for files that can be downloaded using P2P software. Example: http://utorrent.com
Streaming Media & DownloadsSites whose primary function is to allow users to watch streaming media. Example: http://youtube.com 
Content Delivery NetworksSites including CDN (Content Delivery Networks) or hosts/servers that provide back end services or functions for sites that make the internet or network function (e.g. DNS, gateways, APIs). Example: http://cloudflare.com 
File SharingSites that facilitate file sharing using P2P software. This includes, but is not restricted to, sites that host P2P software or allow users to search for files that can be downloaded using P2P software. Example: http://utorrent.com 


Legal Risk Category Group


IllegalSites containing instructions, recipes, or advice on creating illegal items (e.g. explosives) or offer them for sale. Sites that give instruction on, advice about or promote of illegal acts.  Example: http://fakepassport.info 
Illegal DrugSites that sell illegal / controlled substances, promote substance abuse, or sell related paraphernalia. Example: http://www.drug-testing-detox.com 


Business Category Group


BusinessSites of businesses and commercial organizations that don't fit into any other category. This includes groups that represent, report, or provide commentary specifically targeting business and commercial. Example: http://accenture.com 
Computers & TechnologySites related to computer hardware and software. This category includes sales, news and current industry trends, and professional bodies. Example: http://microsoft.com
FinanceSites covering aspects of personal / corporate finance, provide price comparisons between financial products, or report or comment on financial matters. Example: http://bankofamerica.com 
HostingSites that provide hosting services for websites. Example: http://hostgator.com 
ReferenceSites that provide online encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, and other information resources. Example: http://wikipedia.org 
CryptocurrencySites that enable, distribute, trade, mine, or promote cryptocurrencies. Example: https://www.bitcoin.com 
Search Engine & PortalsSites that are search engine caches. Example: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com 


Social Media Category Group


ChatSites that are web-based chat rooms. Example: http://lingr.com 
Dating & PersonalsSites that contain matchmaking / personal listings, or discuss romance and interpersonal relationships whether partnership is the resultant goal or not. Example: http://match.com 
Instant MessagingSites that offer services for downloading instant message software and other related information, as well as client based instant messaging. Example: http://aim.com 
Personal SitesSites that host personal pages (e.g. blogs) created by an individual to contain content of a personal nature rather than a company, organization, or institution. Example: http://www.blogger.com 
Social NetworkingSocial networking sites (SNS) focused on both personal and professional services, unless defined in another category. Example: http://www.swarmapp.com 


Productivity Category Group


AdviceSites that offer advice and training making employees more productive. This includes time management, distraction elimination, mailbox management, etc. Example: https://www.kanbanchi.com/
ArtsSites that promote or provide information about the arts. These can include art galleries, art instruction, and art information, theater, symphonies, orchestras, operas, etc. Example: http://aspenartmuseum.org 
AuctionsSites that offer online auction sites, or services to aid buying or selling via online auctions / auction sniping. This category includes traditional auction companies and / or sites promotion traditional auctions. Example: http://webidz.com 
Restaurants & DiningSites relating to restaurants (eat-in and takeaway) and pubs / bars. Recipe, cuisine, farms, and other food related sites are also listed in this category. Example: http://goodfoodgourmet.com 
EducationSites for colleges, universities, primary / secondary schools, online educational resources (e.g. exam syllabuses, example questions, and support organizations (e.g. admissions bodies, research councils). Example: http://newlosangeles.org 
EntertainmentSites providing information about entertainers and famous people. Example: http://celebritynetworth.com 
Fashion & BeautySites related to the fashion and beauty industry, including pages with models, clothing, and the discussion of current fashion trends. Example: http://fashionspot.com 
Forums & NewsgroupsSites offering access to usenet newsgroups or similar services, or any other discussion forum that doesn't sit well in another category. Example: http://4chan.org 
GamblingSites offering online / offline gambling, or that promote gambling skills and practice. Example: http://irpoker.com 
GamesSites relating to video, computer, online games, or support gaming through hosting online services, cheat information, general advice etc. Example: http://piratesarena.net 
GovernmentSites of all central / local government websites, as well as related bodies and agencies.  Example: http://gov.ph 
Health & MedicineSites offering over the counter / prescription drugs, common medicines, natural products, and prescription medications. Example: http://rxlist.com 
Job SearchSites that are employment agencies, recruitment consultancies, headhunters, contractors, or agencies assisting anyone seeking employment. This includes those that allow job vacancies to be posted, offer career advice, describe how to get through interviews, or prepare a resume. It also includes human resource services, outsourcing, training, and technology related to human resources. Example: http://indeed.com 
Kids SitesSites that are safe for, or are of interest to, kids (e.g. games, educational portals, and multimedia sites). Example: http://pbskids.org 
LawSites for law firms, attorneys, legal resources, materials, and news. This category does not include government websites or legal information provided by those governments. Example: http://law.com 
Leisure & RecreationSites covering all activities or interests, other than sport, that someone might pursue for their own pleasure and not as a main occupation. This includes clubs and groups that pursue or meet for specific interests. Example: http://knittinghelp.com 
MarijuanaSites offering information, discussion, and / or resale of marijuana and associated products and / or services. Example: http://www.marijuana.com 
MilitarySites belonging to official military organizations, or containing information relevant to their activities. Example: http://sealswcc.com 
NewsSites that report / deliver news of interest to the public (e.g. online news sites, printed / online newspapers, current affairs sites not exclusively focused on entertainer news / gossip). Example: http://bbc.com 
Sites focused on specific industry news (e.g. finance, travel, health, etc.) are listed in those specific categories. Sites providing news, information, and/or gossip about celebrities and entertainers are listed in the Entertainment category).
Non-profits & NGOsSites that are, or provide services for, charities, non-profit organizations, foundations, trusts, fundraising events for nonprofit and philanthropy organizations, and seeking donations. Example: http://madd.org 
PoliticsSites that provide political information. Example: http://politifact.com 
Real EstateSites oriented to the selling, letting, and building of private / commercial property. Example: http://rent.com 
ReligionSites that relate to religion, except for the traditional religions. Example: http://religioustolerance.org 
ShoppingSites that allow the purchase of various products. Example: http://amazon.com 
SportsSites for professional sports or sports in general, whether media-related or fan-related, except those related to gambling. Example: http://espn.com 
TransportationSites providing public transit services and/or information about those services. Example: http://rtd-denver.com 
TravelSites related to travel agents, travel advice, timetable information, or car hire. Example: http://tripadvisor.com 
Web Based EmailSites offering web-based email services. Example: http://gmail.com 


Other Category Group


CultsSites used by groups of people with the same religious beliefs, or ideas that others would view as strange or disturbing. Example: http://www.heavensgate.com/ 
GeneralSites containing information provided by webmasters to promote their opinion on a subject or topic. 
Parked DomainsPlace holders for sites that have not been created yet or parked domains. 
TranslatorsSites that translate a web page from one language to another, or that transform the text contained in a web page. Example: http://translate.google.com