Validating Your Minimum Retention Setting

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If the minimum retention setting on your Mimecast service needs to be added or changed, the value must be validated by a suitable administrator from your organization to ensure that Mimecast stores your organization's data correctly. This value cannot be decreased once set.


What You'll Need


  • A Mimecast administrator account with either the Super Administrator, Full Administrator, or Partner Administrator role.




When the minimum retention is changed on your Mimecast service, an administrator with the Super Administrator, Full Administrator, or Partner Administrator role is prompted to validate the change the next time they log on to the administration console.

Confirming Data Retension

If you log on to the administration console as a user that does not have the Super Administrator, Full Administrator, or Partner Administrator role, the following is displayed:

Reviewing Data Retention

Minimum Retention SettingAlternatively to validate the change manually:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console as a Super Administrator, Full Administrator, or Partner Administrator.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button.
  3. Select the Account | Account Settings menu item.
  4. Validate that the value of the Minimum Retention (Days) field.
  5. Click on the Confirm button.
    If you log on as an administrator that is not a member of Super Administrator, Full Administrator, or Partner Administrator role, the Confirm button is not available. Instead you'll see a field displaying "Yes" or "No" depending on whether the setting has been validated.

If there are any of the following policies, definitions, or tasks that are below the minimum retention value, they must be disabled before enabling the Compliance Protect product:

  • Retention Adjustments
  • Content Examination policies
  • Content Preservation policies and definitions
  • Content Metadata policies and definitions
  • Managed Folders


If any policies, definitions, tasks, or adjustments are active, the following is displayed to the administrator when asked to confirm:

The number of policies, definitions, and tasks is presented to help guide you in removing or disabling them.

If all policies, definitions, tasks, or retention adjustments that contain a value lower than minimum retention value are not disabled or removed, the minimum retention will not take effect.

The prompt will continue to show at every login if the policies or tasks are not removed:


All actions on these prompts are recorded and available within the Administration Console: Audit Logs section.

Next Steps


To validate that this setting is being applied you can view the Minimum Retention confirmation within the Account Settings. See the Minimum Retention Settings: Technical Concepts Page for full details.


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