Account Assessment Report - User Activity

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This page provides an overview of the varied reports created for User Activity.


User Activity monitors your users' interactions and productivity with Mimecast.


Active Users per client

This graph shows the number of users who access one of Mimecast's end user clients per day.

Users of multiple clients (e.g. Mimecast for Outlook plus Mimecast for Mobile iOS) will increase by one for each client.

Active Users per Client


Search Summary

This page provides an overview of users' activity and a summary of the statistics above the bar chart.

The donut chart shows the total amount of searches by outcome, for instance, Search and Failure. This amount is also recorded in percentages.

This bar chart shows the number of searches per day by all users and grouped by outcome.

Failed searches include requests that do not return within 60 seconds.

Search Summary


Top Searchers

This table lists the most frequent users of archive search in this period. The users are listed in descending order of Search Count.

Top Searchers


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