Account Assessment Report - Impersonation Protect

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This page provides an overview of the varied reports created for Impersonation Protect.


Impersonation Protect provides instant protection against the latest impersonation attacks.


Impersonation Protect Detections

This page provides an overview of messages which trigger at least one Impersonation Detect policy and a summary of the statistics above the charts.


The donut chart is divided into amounts of suspicious and held attachments. This amount is also recorded in percentages.


The bar chart shows the number of detections made per day and how many of them are categorized as suspicious, held or bounced.


This chart is further analyzed through the benchmarking panels which will show how your business compares against other Mimecast customers across industry, region and size.

If these numbers are unexpectedly high or low, then we recommend you review your policy definitions in the first instance.

Impersonation Protect Detections


Top Impersonation Protect Targets

This table lists the most commonly encountered recipients in Impersonation Protection detections. The recipients are in descending order of mail volume.

Top Impersonation Protect Targets



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