Mimecast Simply Migrate: Locating .PST Files on a Computer

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This guide describes how to locate all .PST files located on a computer using the Simply Migrate PowerShell module.


Creating a Job


To create a job to find .PST files located on a computer, use the following command:

New-SmJob -Source Discovery -SourceInput ComputerName -BatchId 1 -Tags "PST Discovery"



The above command uses the following parameters:

SourceSpecify a source of "Discovery" to indicate that you want to discover the files.
SourceInputSpecify either the path to a shared drive, a drive, or the computer's name. If a computer name is specified, a call is made requesting access to all its fixed drives and all drives are scanned.
BatchIdThis tells the job to which batch it belongs.
TagsSpecify tags to your jobs so they are easier to group in the Management User Interface.


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