Exporting Data from Mimecast Tables

Version 2

    For many of the Mimecast viewers, queues and logs, searches can be performed when attempting to troubleshoot email delivery or review logs. Administrators are able to export this raw text data from various tables within the Administration Console.  This data can either be downloaded or sent via email in the form of a .CSV or .XLS from your Mimecast account, and then analyzed or used to troubleshoot.


    Exporting List View Data


    To export list view data:

    1. Click on the specific Mimecast menu option (e.g. Rejection Viewer, Event Logs).
    2. If required, perform the search based on your specific criteria. The search results are displayed.
    3. Click on the Export Data button.
    4. Select the Columns for exporting. The view to select the columns differs depending on which menu option you are exporting from, and represents the columns in the results page. By default, all columns will be selected.

      Due to the way the Track and Trace search results are built, column selection for exporting is not possible from this part of the Administration Console.

    5. Choose which File Format is used when exporting the data, the options are
      • CSV
      • XLS
    6. Select your preferred Export Option.
      • Download allows the file to be downloaded and saved locally.
      • Send Mail sends the download results to the email address of the Administrator who is currently logged in.
    7. Click the Export button.




    There are certain restrictions in place when exporting data from the Mimecast Administration Console:

    • The export is restricted to a maximum of 50,000 rows per export. For example, if the search results amount to more than 50,000 results, the following message is displayed:

      Maximum rows to export : 50000. If more than 50000 rows are required please adjust search parameters and run multiple exports.
      Number of rows in this export : 161715

    • Column filtering within the Track and Trace search results has been disabled. Due to the way the Track and Trace search results are built, it is not possible to selectively choose columns for export from this part of the Administration Console.