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Hold External Outlook Meeting Requests

Question asked by user.lN0lBLIDEqYZ Champion on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by user.g50rBJuaNrb1

I had a user ask me a question this morning that I thought was a good idea.

One of the tactics that salespeople are using now is to send meeting planners to people to see if they will accept even though we may have never spoken to that salesperson and don’t intend to.  I have talked to several employees who have had this done and it happens to me probably once every two weeks.


I don’t guess there is a way to curb this practice in Mimecast without shutting down legitimate meeting planners is there?  The only thing that occurred to me was blocking them individually after the fact but that is kind of too little too late…

My initial thought process was I should be able to place these items in a User hold if they do not come from a permitted sender. I thought I saw somewhere to do this once, but it turned out I mis-remembered and it was something different entirely.


Does anyone have any ideas how to pull this off?