April Contest: What Makes You a Mimecast 'Superhero?'

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The Contest:

IT is often the team behind the scenes that keeps the engine running for the organization. In short, you're a superhero everyday, albeit a quiet and humble one, like most great superheroes! And you're quite smart (no bias here, of course ) because you're using Mimecast.


So we want to hear about how you "save the day" with Mimecast. It can be a small, humble act for one end user...all the way up to big things for your company!

Post how you are a Mimecast superhero for a chance at 1 of 3 Mimecast-branded, luxurious Taza Knit Quarter Zip pullovers! 



We'll also select one entry out of all entries received that didn't win for a nice, Mimecast-branded ballpoint pen presented in a luxury box. 



  • Post a reply directly to this thread, no more than 3-5 sentences, of how you've saved the day with Mimecast (any of our services), you superheroes, you  . 
  • The Mimecaster Central team will choose three entries from the bunch to be published in the May edition of Service & Product Updates newsletter! Big points will go to creative, unique entries, so get your creative chops ready....
  • We’ll announce these winners (of the pullovers) in the newsletter and on the community!


Fine Print:

  • One entry per customer, please.
  • Grand-prize winners of the January contest (January Contest Winners: 2017 IT New Year's Resolutions) are encouraged to participate, but will not be eligible for this month's Grand Prizes, to spread the love!
  • Please ensure your entries fall within the guidelines of our Acceptable Use policy(i.e. nothing objectionable) – we reserve the right to remove entries that are deemed outside of this scope
  • Feel free to comment on the entries in this thread if something catches your eye! (Don’t worry, we won’t count those towards entries…)
  • Internal Mimecasters (employees) can of course participate, but won't be eligible for the prize (they'll get our fond adoration, though)


Participation: Friday, April 14th - Friday, May 5th (at 3pm Eastern Time, US -- 8pm BST)
Winners Announced: In May in the monthly Service & Product Updates newsletter and on the community!